You’d Be Surprised What Random Video Chatting Could Teach You

Why do people use random video chat sites? In most cases, it’s so they can have entertaining conversations with strangers, and maybe make a few friends along the way. That’s a great reason to visit sites like ChatSpin, but what if you could get even more out of the experience?

It just so happens that you can – and all that’s necessary is to keep your eyes peeled for learning opportunities. Do you and a chat partner disagree on something? Turn it into a constructive debate. Do you feel like you’re always the oddball in the group? Some of your chat partners could make you feel pretty normal. No matter who you end up chatting with, there’s always a chance that you could leave the chat a little better off than when you started.

The connection between random video chatting and reduced social anxiety.

For someone with social anxiety, just about any kind of interaction is unpleasant (to say the least) – but sometimes random video chatting is more palatable. Why? It’s simple – because you get to exit the chat anytime you want, meaning you always get the final word on how it goes. You may still make some gaffes, or realize that your chat partner probably isn’t into it – but you never have to stick around for the aftermath.

You know those situations that made you wish that the floor would swallow you up? Well, random video chatting is as close as you’re going to get to experiencing it. And guess what else? You’ll probably never see your chat partner again, so even if you end up beating a hasty retreat, there won’t be any awkward reunions where neither of you know how to act around the other.

In other words, random video chatting takes away a lot of the typical pressures of face-to-face interaction. You may still feel nervous as you’re chatting with total strangers, but if you treat it as a mix between exposure therapy and entertainment, you could notice your anxiety subsiding as time goes on. And the best part? This won’t just apply to your random chats; it’ll also affect your in-person conversations too.

You’ll see just how many people out there are even weirder than you.

Whether it’s good-natured ribbing from their friends, or they do it to themselves, a lot of people get characterized as “the weird one” in a group. Maybe they’re Harry Potter trivia experts, or they know so many obscure words, they’re pretty much a walking dictionary – from the 1800s. Whatever the case, it’s easier to feel like the odd one out when you have fairly limited social circles.

Try random video chatting, though, and you’ll soon realize that the world (and the internet) is full of strange and wonderful people. It certainly helps that a lot of your chat partners will probably be more open online than they ever would in person; there’s something very freeing about chatting anonymously. You might even find someone who shares the same passions as you!

In certain contexts, self-interest is the better option.

In general, being selfless is encouraged and admired a lot more than acting out of self-interest. But is that always for the best? Not on a random video chat site.

Here’s an example: you’re chatting with someone you thought would be interesting, but is now instructing you on the finer points of caring for a beehive. You have no interest in beekeeping. The nice thing to do would be to let them get to a reasonable stopping point, tell them that it’s time for you to move on, and switch to another chat. What you should do, though, is skip all the stuff that comes before “switch to another chat”, and just get it over with.

This seems rude, sure, but there’s a good reason for it – if you gave every chat partner all the time they wanted, you’d spend over half of your time secretly bored to tears while you waited for the earliest possible chance to leave. Since that’s a terrible way to spend your free time, the majority of random chatters simply click away from boring or unpleasant chats whenever they feel the inclination.

Rejection isn’t always personal.

You won’t be the only one skipping over chat partners; a lot of your chat partners are going to do it to you. And when it happens, try not to take it personally; it generally isn’t meant that way.

In fact, you could use these rejections as a type of performance review. Many of them will leave simply because you aren’t the kind of chat partner they were looking for, but what if some of them are leaving for other reasons? Perhaps you’re relying too much on the other person to come up with talking points; in that case, try thinking of a few interesting topics for your chats. Maybe it isn’t you, but your webcam setup or lighting that’s shooting you in the foot. If it looks like you’re sitting in an abandoned basement, you won’t seem nearly as appealing as if you were sitting in a well-lit, comfortable room.

You could get better at enforcing personal boundaries.

There are many different kinds of friends, and some of them simply aren’t close enough with you to warrant absolute trust. Online friendships usually fall into this category, and in the interests of staying safe as you meet strangers online, it’s best to keep some solid boundaries in place. This mainly applies to your personal information, but it can also go for anything else that someone pushes you to do, even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal at the time. Just remember, if they’re really your friend, they won’t ask you to leave your safety zone just to prove yourself to them.

What else could random video chatting teach you?

You won’t necessarily be 100% within your comfort zone at all times, but sometimes that can be a good thing. Just keep an open mind, and you’ll be sure to have a great experience! To read more article like this please stay tuned with


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