Why is your battery draining so fast iPhone 6s?

The iPhone. Having one is likened to being a member of an exclusive and prestigious club. The iPhone not only looks great with its minimalist design, it also is not pairable with other types of phones. There are specific browsers which you can use, you cannot download music from any website you access, not just music but also certain digital files.

The longevity of the iPhone makes it one of the best types of phone to buy. You are sure that from the time of purchase of your iPhone, it would be in good working condition minimum 5 years after or more. All you need to do, as with other types of phones, is to consistently upgrade your iOS when an update notification comes up.

When you have the issue of your iPhone battery draining to fast, it could be you iPhone battery is bad or depreciating, you are constantly connected to Wi-Fi with apps running underneath or you have downloaded a bad app. Both kinds of issues, minus the constant browsing on an internet connection, relate to either the hardware or the software of the phone. Regarding the hardware, i.e., a bad or depreciating battery, you can get the best iPhone 6s battery here. Another way you can tackle a hardware issue is to get your phone to an iPhone technician to help you fix the problem.

But when to comes to software issues like downloading a bad app which drains your battery power, here are some ways it will come.

Bad apps– we get a lot of notifications to download different kinds of apps to help us do a wide range of things. Well, some apps when downloaded from the right source like your app store, will function right as they are supposed to. If you download apps which tend to go rogue on you, they would have adverse effects. This adverse effect will manifest itself in battery drain. Even with apps that are right for your phone, if they are not up to date, they would cause battery drain. Also, when you have apps running constantly in the background your processor would be working steadily translating into battery drain.

Wrong updates– one sure way of your battery draining is with updates. Whenever you update your iPhone one of the results is battery draining. It is said that the reason for this is some software bugs. This problem has been addresses repeatedly by makers of the iPhone. What they do is to release a fix patch after the release of a software update. So, if you start experiencing battery drain after a software update, this might just be the cause.

There might be other issues which drains your iPhone battery. One I personally experience is using my phone for long hours on certain social media apps. There are different apps which we use on our phones. Some drain your battery faster than others. Social media apps where the bulk of the content is images will tend to drain your battery faster than others. Also, if you are constantly on your phone surfing the internet, it would drain your battery faster. Connecting to the internet makes your processor work double time and it results in battery drain.

When you are faced with this issue of battery drain, there are some trouble shooting methods which you can easily do. These methods are simple do-it-yourself methods.

First, you can start by rebooting your iPhone. What you need to do is shut your phone down by holding down the power button. Sometimes after you do this, you would find that you phone works just like new because the problem might just be an app which needs to restart.

Secondly, you can manage your apps properly. You will get notifications on updates for all apps on your phone. What you need to do is, check your phone settings and try to identify which apps are draining your battery power the most. If this is an app you can do without, delete the app. If this an app you use or is important, check for updates on keep them up to date. Most of these apps come with bug fixes to make them run better.

Thirdly, install all new updates of the iOS. There might be software bugs in your system  or even flaw on the operating system. These bugs and flaws are fixed with every new update Apple releases. So, once you get a notification from Apple for a new software update, please do so. While doing this, ensure your iPhone 6s is connected to a power source as you don’t want the update interrupted. Also ensure you have enough space on your iPhone 6s for any latest software update. You wouldn’t want a situation where your battery drains during an update but does not finish updating.

A fourth option is a factory reset. Yes, you can choose to erase all memory on your phone and take it back to ground zero. What this does is erase all apps, data, information on your iPhone 6s and leaves only apps which come with the phone originally. This way your phone will be just as good as new. If the battery draining issue persists after this, you might have a hardware issue.

The last but not exhaustive way you can handle your battery draining issue is to reduce the amount of power consumption on your phone. Make use of the battery saving option of low power mode, adjust the brightness of your screen as the brighter it is the more power it consumes, turn off location settings as this consumes battery power also, the final one is closing all apps when they are not in use. If you put them to sleep, they would continue to run on the background and drain your battery.

So, remember your battery issue for the iPhone 6s could be hardware or software issues and resolving each takes a different ways.

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