When Calls the Heart Season 5 All Episode list Release Date

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When Calls the Heart Season 5

The Canadian American family drama, When Calls the Heart is produced by Michael Landon Jr and is inspired by the book Oke’s book with a similar name. 

We know you all are waiting for season 5 so without any further delay let’s get started with the Season 5 release date. 

When Calls the Heart Season 5 Release Date

Season 5 of When Calls the Heart is already released and it premiered back in 2018. Season 5 began from18 February 2018 and ended on  22 April 2018 with a total of 10 episodes. 

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When Calls the Heart Season 5 Episode List

Each episode presents something unique that binds the user’s with their unique storyline with lots of entertainment. So, in this, you will get to know about each episode release date with the episode name and an explanation about it. 

When Calls the Heart Season 5
When Calls the Heart Season 5

We are aware you all are wondering to know about each episode’s details. Don’t worry. We will share everything about Season 5 episodes. So, let’s proceed to them:

Episode 1 “Beliving”

Release Date: February 18, 2018

In this episode 1, Elizabeth’s sister Julie took her step to become the teacher. She visits Hope Valley to fulfill her dream to become a teacher. While Carson faces issues with a traveling tonic salesman who put him in numerous problems.

Episode 2 “Heart and Minds”

Premiere Date: February 25, 2018

Julie finds teaching a hectic task so Elizabeth mentors Julie. Moreover, Abigail plans to build the depot in the Hope Valley so, for this, he tries to find a way to persuade the railroad to crate the depot in the Hope Valley. 

Episode 3 “Home is Where the Heart is”

Release Date: March 4, 2018

In “Home is Where the Heart is” the episode is designed in such a manner that has many twists and turns to relish all of you. You will see Elizabeth teaching the students, the core difference between the facts and speculation. Moreover, the whole town is at risk as Lee is not able to withdraw funds to pay his assistances. 

Episode 4 “Open Hearts”

Release Date: March 11, 2018

The situation continues in this episode and Abigail tries his best to keep the town flourishing by analyzing a plethora of ways. Additionally, Elizabeth is occupied by her students as she is unable to understand what thing is troubling one of her students. 

Episode 5 “My Heart is yours”

Launch Date: March 18, 2018

Well, in this episode, Jack and Elizabeth’s plans to get married but get accompanied with serious problems and Bill faces difficulties in deporting a convict. 

Episode 6 “Love and Marriage”

Release Date: March 25, 2018

To find out, whether Jack and Elizabeth’s relationship will last long or not, they put some tests on it. Moreover, Pastor Frank and Abigail decide to take some decisions even they took and even help the young girl to solve the suspense. 

Episode 7 “Heart of the Matter”

Premiere Date: April 1, 2018

Here, in the episode, Abigail and the town host two feasible ways to find the investors to save the failing bank whereas Elizabeth told her students to follow the best leaders of the Hope Valley. Moreover, Bill’s condition is also not good as AJ Foster arrived and turned herself in. 

Episode 8 “Weather the Storm”

Release Date: April 8, 2018

Instead of saving the Hope Valley, the investor tries to earn the unexpected profit by hurting the Hope Valley so Abigail is in the more hard situation now, he is struggling to save the Hope Valley from that investor. Elizabeth tries hard to reunify a mother and her son. 

Episode 9 “In My Dreams”

Premiere Date: April 15, 2018

In episode 9, Lee’s wife will arrive and offer the Gowen to run the business again. Additionally, Elizabeth gets to know about a piece of shocking news regarding Jack. Now, you have to watch this episode and share with us the shocking news and your opinion regarding it. 

Episode 10 “Close to My Heart”

Launch Date April 22, 2018

After the death of Jack, she doubts whether she will be able to stay in the town or not. Furthermore, Abigail handover Jack’s letter to Elizabeth, which he wants to be read in the event of his death. 

The series is full of up and downs. We have tried to mention all the intriguing scenes of each episode. If you like the description of these episodes then do watch and explore them. You will definitely like them. 

IMDb Rating

Do you have any idea about the rating of the show? If no….then here is the rating of the show- 

The show is immensely popular among the followers and thus it gains a rating of 8.2 from IMDb. You can even judge the popularity of the show by the user’s feedback. 

So, Let’s move towards it:

Viewers Reaction


Finally…This is filled with something for everyone in the family, drama, suspense, comedy. My family is hooked. It is safe for littles to watch and that is what I like the most. This is an amazing show and our whole family likes it. Our children learn some history in it along the way as well.


I like “family values” programming and I am so disappointed not to be able to get behind this series I’ve come very late…but I can’t. Even the dialogues by some characters are too modern so it completely ruins it for me. I don’t like it too much.  

Narender 22:

The show was on the recommendation list of Netflix. I started watching and involved in it. That being said, I have to say that I tend to get very distracted by some of the anachronisms that present themselves quite frequently. 

It is not a fantastic series, there are numerous issues in this. 

What’s your reaction after reading the When Calls the Heart response? Do let us know in the comment section. 

When Calls the Heart Season 5 Cast Members

No matter how effective the storyline is, you will not enjoy it until or unless the members in the cast are not engaging and performing. So, here is a list of the cast members that makes the series extraordinary.

When Calls the Heart Season 5
When Calls the Heart Season 5
  • Erin Krakow performed as  Elizabeth Thatcher.
  • Lori Loughlin appeared as Abigail Stanton.
  • Pascale Hutton in the role of Rosemary Coulter.
  • Martin Cummins performed as Henry Gowen.
  • Gracyn Shinyei in the role of Emily Montgomery.
  • Emily Perkins in the role of Marta 
  • Brad Krevoy
  • Brian Bird 
  • Michael Landon Jr.

This is the list of the members that are well-known in the series and worked hard to bring the series to the height. Do let me know which is your favorite cast member of the series. 

Famous Quotes of When Calls the Heart:

  • So much of what matters in life relies on trust. Remembering to trust God, discerning which people are worthy of our trust. For when we place our hearts, our lives, in someone else’s hands, it is an act of Faith. It requires courage and hope but it’s worth the risk. Because it’s trust.
  • “Never underestimate what hard work set to a dream can achieve.” 
  • “I can’t be the person who keeps you from following your dreams….  You have to do this.  You have to go. I know it in my heart and so do you.”
  • “I’m not going anywhere, Jack. This is where I belong.” 
  • “There seemed to be so many things that I needed, but I held myself in check and purchased only essentials – with the exception of one extravagance.”
  • “If anyone deserves the truth, Nanna, a child does. They can accept things, even hurtful things if they are dealt with honestly.

Final Words

The article gives you a deep insight into the When Calls the Heart Season 5. We have provided you a guided list about Season 5 that accompanies every episode and with the cast members. 

In case you want to add something to the series then let us know in the comment section. Moreover, you can consult us for any query related to any anime or tech. We will definitely resolve it. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is When Calls the Heart is on Netflix?

Netflix is removing all the shows of the When Calls the Heart. Initially, season 1 to season 5 were available on Netflix but due to some issues, on 25th January 2021, Netflix is removing all When Calls the Heart shows. 

When did When Calls the Heart Season 5 Episode 10 is released?

Episode 10 of “Close to My Heart” is launched on April 22, 2018.

What is the name of Season 5 episode 6 of When Calls the heart?

When Calls the Heart season 5 episode 10 was released on March 18, 2018. The name of the episode is “My Heart is yours”. We have mentioned a short description in the above article, you can refer to it.

Where to watch When Calls the Heart Season 5?

You can stream it on various platforms such as Vudu, Amazon, Google Play, Youtube, and iTunes. You can even stream it on Hallmark Channel where the show is originally released. 

Is it worthful to watch When Calls the Heart Season 5?

The show has a good rating and feedback, even the storyline is effective so you can give it a try. 

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