What You Need to Know about Changes in Mobile Gaming

Once upon a time, playing computer games was a privilege not many people had the pleasure to experience. But as time went by and technology got better and cheaper, more and more people began to participate in one kind of gaming or another.

You no longer need the most expensive computer to play the newest games, as many of them are available on mobile platforms. From classic PC games to MMO and online pokies, there are plenty of gaming options available to everyone who wants to have some fun.

Playing games via your smartphone is a common occurrence, and it can provide you with a decent experience. However, if you truly want to have an exhilarating adventure while playing on your mobile, you should make sure to keep up with the latest tech that can help enhance your experience. Are you ready to find out how mobile gaming is about to change your experience in the near future?

3 Changes in the Mobile Gaming Industry

  1. Larger screens – Although this change was not concocted with gamers in mind, it can certainly improve your gaming session. People started talking about foldable screens ages ago, but it seems that dreams are about to come true in 2019. Several companies announced that they are about to release foldable phones – including the Mate X and the Galaxy Fold. Those phones will allow you to play the games you love most on a bigger screen, even if you are on the go. The moment you are done, you can fold the screen so the device will fit into your pocket once again. That means better graphics and better means to control the outcome of your games, which is a big plus. Although those phones are going to be quite expensive and not accessible to the masses, nothing can stop us from dreaming of them.
  2. 5G tech – 5G refers to the newest generation of wireless networking. According to official data, the advances tech should provide users with lower latency and greater speed, which means that you will be able to play all types of online games without worrying about delayed reactions. The tech will also allow you to download large games in record time, which is something that gamers try to avoid at all costs.
  3. Ray-tracing technologyNVIDIA is a company that specializes in all types of graphics tech, and ray-tracing is one of their most interesting projects. Ray-tracing can help the graphics on your screen adjust to your surroundings in real-time, which can take gaming to a whole new level. Although it doesn’t sound like much, this tech can make your gaming experience more realistic, entertaining, and captivating.

Why Mobile Gaming?

Now that you know what kind of tech is going to influence mobile gaming in the future, how can you resist playing your favorite games on your smartphone?

The advanced tech and the fact that you can play whenever you want to, without being tied to a specific location, make mobile gaming more popular with every passing year.

As it turns out, mobile gaming brought a total revenue of $63.2 billion in 2018, in comparison to $33.4 billion that gamers spent on PC games. Coincidence? We think not.

Now that mobile tech is as advanced as the best PC you can find, there is nothing that can stop you from playing your favorite games while you travel or go about your day.

In Conclusion

2019 is going to be a marvelous year for mobile gaming, so if you are a true gamer, you should keep track of all the latest changes. Once the newest technology hits the market, you will be able to have a spectacular gaming session without missing out on quality!



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