What Happens When You Block Someone On Snapchat

Today’s generation is involved in social media. Everything they do is published or create stories. Snapchat is one of the apps that people use crazily. They make a streak with their friends; they watch everyone’s stories. Chat with people etc. But everything has positive and negative sides. Users can receive unwanted information and be harassed. People want to block someone. There are many other reasons to block someone.

All of us can be obtained from unwanted interactions that functionally block. Escape from annoying strangers and fake accounts. It prohibits people we dislike from accessing our profile. Blocks are a great utility in many social media applications, especially Snapchat.

Reasons to block someone.

  • Any stranger was added to your list by mistake, so you want to block them.
  • Someone is sending you unwanted messages video, and you can stop them by blocking their id.
  • Blocks are also an excellent choice for limiting content for one user when you don’t want the content to be shown to that user. If the story expires after 24 hours, you can unblock it ahead of time later.
  • Maybe the person is an ex, and you don’t want them to see your stories or message you.

How to Block Someone on Snapchat

  • First, login to your account of Snapchat.
  • Now you have to swipe the screen on the right side to open your friend list.
  • Now select the person whom you want to block for any reason.
  • Now hold their name.
  • You will get the option in your screen snap, chat, audio call, video call, and more.
  • Now click on more.
  • You will get the report option, block, remove friend, mute story, clear conversation history, delete chats, and message notification.
  • Click on Block.
  • Remember, if you choose to remove a friend person can come back to you by searching your name.
  • So please block the person whom you don’t won’t come back to you.

Note: if you want to block a person who is not on your friend list, swipe the screen at the top of the screen. You will see a search bar that types the name or username of that person; when you find them, long-press on their name and then select the more. Then you will se the option of block choose it.

What happens when we block someone on Snapchat?

  • If you block someone, you will not be able to send them messages, you will not be able to receive or send snapshots to them, and you will not be able to view their stories.
  • Cannot chat with the other party or send messages.
  • After blocking someone, they cannot be found in the search list, and the blocked person cannot see your ID.
  • If you remove them from your friend’s list and your account is public, they can see your story
  • Blocked people won’t know if you blocked them. Snapchat will not send notifications to blocked people. This is to protect the privacy function. And when a blocked person tries to message you or send you a snap, it will be delivered as if he is not blocked. The only way a person can know if he is blocked is if they open their chat and find that they have not opened any of their messages or snaps in a while.
  • The blocked person cant add you back. When you block someone, they won’t know that they’ve been blocked. This means that even if they are not on your friend’s list, you are still on their friend’s list. There is no option to re-add someone who is already on your friend’s list. They can be your friend list again if you unblock them and send the request.


Q1. What Happens to Messages: when you blocked someone.

Chat will not be there Because you blocked this person; they are no longer on your friend’s list, so that the chat will disappear. The entire chat history will get deleted. If you try to view chat content while it is blocked, you will not view it.

The blocked person on the other side will have an old chat, and nothing will change on their side. Even saved chat is also visible to whoever has saved the chat.

Q2. Will Someone Know whether You Block him on Snapchat?

No, they wont know Snapchat don’t send notification. A person can get the idea by not seeing any stories for a few days, and if a person searches your id snd, they won’t be able to get then they might get to know that you have blocked them.

Q3. Does blocking someone on Snapchat delete saved messages?

Blocking others on Snapchat will delete your entire chat history from your device. But these messages still have the blocked ones. Further messages cannot be sent.

Q4. Can we get screenshots notifications?

No, you can’t get any screenshot notification if a blocked person has to take a screenshot of your chats. Also, even if you unblock it and bring it to your friend’s list, you won’t know if there are screenshots of the conversation.

Q5. A blocked person will be removed from your best friends.

If you block a person, your interactions with that person will soon be zero. Friends and Snap streaks rely on interactions to evaluate friendships. Blocked people are automatically removed from your Best Friends because your interactions are reduced to zero.

If you want to unblock the person and return them as friends, you have to start the exchange from zero. This means that if there is a previous snap streak, it cannot be maintained.

Q6. What’s the difference between Block and Remove?

When you block someone, they will automatically be removed from your friend’s list. Your chat will disappear. Neither can be found in the search bar. The blocked person cannot send you any requests. If you want to add them again, you must unblock them and send a request.

In Remove friend, both the parties can send the request again, can search them in the search bar. Remove friend; unfriend the person.


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