3 Ways to Improve Your Email Validation & Sender Reputation in 2020

About 250 billion emails are sent daily, and this number is growing 1.5 times every year. So there is no doubt that electronic marketing is in the past and present and well into the future. It’s easy to guess why e-mail occupies an important place among other channels of promotion and sales for the B2B sector. Moreover, those customers who do not receive emails spend 138% less than those who receive them. But if your ad campaigns get into spam, then you will have to kiss your income goodbye.

According to the latest estimates by marketing experts, only a third of all emails sent go directly to recipient mailboxes. And how many of your emails reach customers? That’s why your immediate task is to do everything you can to keep your deliverability rates up to par. But that’s not all.

After all, it’s not only the fact that the letter was delivered, but whether it was open and read. What’s more, whether it became the reason for the purchase, appeal, an incentive for greater trust in you. Special cloud services help in this case. With their help, you can check email validity online. It doesn’t matter if you are already using such a service or just looking for the best of them. There is no limit to perfection. This is especially true for email marketing campaigns.

But first, let’s talk about you. Who are you in your subscriber’s eyes and how good is your reputation? Let’s together get the skeletons from our closets and throw them away! This way we can become better versions of ourselves than we were yesterday! You can verify email address online right now!

What is email sender reputation and why does it matter?

Email sender’s reputation is evaluated by the Internet provider on a scale of 1 to 100. The rating obtained is directly related to the indicators of your email deliverability. If the rating is at a high level, it means that the provider will place confidence in you. And therefore he will do everything possible so that your letters are delivered directly to your targeted subscribers’ inboxes. Otherwise, you will get too many rejections, complaints about spam, etc.

We also note that a positive rating directly affects a good indicator of the openness of letters. As well as the absence of both hard and soft bounces. An ideal indicator of a high reputation tends to 99 and above. And you should do the same. For this purpose, use the online valid email checker. Its metrics should tell you whether you are on the right track or not.

How to check your email sender reputation

Checking the reputation as the email sender involves checking in two directions:

  • Dispatch domain reputation. How long the domain has existed plays an important role here. A new domain that exists less than 5 days is considered suspicious. Therefore, do not rush. Be patient. To earn a good reputation, you can send a small number of letters per day during the first month of domain existence. If someone used the domain before you (the mail servers do not check out on the change of owners), we recommend that you carefully check this domain.
  • The reputation of the email server’s IP address. If the previous factor depended only on you, then in this case the power lies with the mailing service provider. We recommend that you check the IP address of your mail server before sending campaigns. Often IP addresses already have a certain reputation, both good and not so.

To enhance your reputation, improve email validation using premium online tools. All you need is to register, enter your IP address or domain, and get results. If they do not satisfy you, do not be discouraged. There is a solution!

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3 ways to improve email Validation & performance

We offer 3 efficient strategies that will help strengthen email validation:

  1. Send the activation link. With it, you can avoid registering users who intentionally or accidentally enter incorrect data. Thus, your subscriber’s list will always be clean and active. In addition, you can get rid of addresses that are not assigned to real users.
  2. Gathering valuable information. The number of open letters and clicks on your links, how many purchases were made thanks to a particular campaign, the number of those who unsubscribed, etc. All of these metrics are extremely important. This way you can analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and preserve your clean contact list.
  3. Data Enrichment Integration. If you really want to improve email validation, this seemingly sophisticated method will bring maximum benefits. Yes, subscribers are reluctant to share information about themselves. And phishing which is gaining momentum does not contribute to this either. But reliable first-hand data opens up a ton of opportunities. Personalizing campaigns and segmenting your address list will make your newsletters more targeted and successful. Moreover, these factors most influence your reputation as a sender.

So take note! Use various kinds of surveys, quizzes, questionnaires, bonuses for customers of the company in exchange for information about them, etc.

Manage your list. Plain and simple

In the context of creating an effective marketing campaign, improving email list validation is a key element. To make your contact list really bring money, we recommend using the following methods:

  • send welcome letters;
  • avoid spam traps (false entries);
  • enable customers to manage their subscriptions themselves;
  • audit your contact list regularly.

Hard bounces should signal to check email validation online. You should pay attention to soft bounces too. Despite the fact that these can be quite real users, if they do not open your letters, it is better to refuse them. This way your reputation will be better, and there will be less costly.

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A good name is sooner lost than won. So with the sender reputation. But you should not rely on your own strength only. Find an intelligent partner who will do all the routine work for you. Proofy service can become such a partner. Its wide range of various verification tools will help to improve your reputation in the shortest possible time. Follow the link http://proofy.io/ to become better today! This is an opportunity to check email validation online on the most favorable terms!


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