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Windows 7 is already available in the market. You must have been waiting for this moment since some time ago, especially when you are using Vista. It is true that since the XP users switched to Vista, there are many complaints. The users found various inconveniences that they have never found in Windows XP before. The world survey finally concluded that the users prefer XP better than Vista.

The Vista users who had switched to XP felt that they were too reluctant to go back to XP. They admitted that they were in the middle of confusion now. They only hope that there will be some improvements from Microsoft because they do not feel like going back to XP. One of the reasons will be the display. The users love the display in Vista and they are willing to sacrifice the performance and easiness in XP for the display in Vista.

Microsoft promised for a better operating system that will replace Vista The new system will be as good as Vista and as easy as XP. Finally, Microsoft launched Windows 7 as the answer to its promise.

There are things that you need to pay attention to before installing Windows 7. I hope that it will give you a clearer picture of Windows 7. You can learn more about Windows 7 and get your upgrade or full version here at the best prices online…

Microsoft Does Not Provide Direct Upgrade Tools From XP
If you are the XP user, it is better if you do a clean install. It means that you should install Windows 7 from the beginning. Microsoft does not provide sufficient upgrade tools from XP. It is because XP and Windows are different in terms of architecture, registration and so on. Therefore, it is safer to install Windows 7 from the beginning rather than forcing yourself to do the upgrade from XP. When you do the install, you have to back up your important data. Even though it is safe to install Windows 7, you will have a better confidence to have the back up before installing a new system to your computer.

Direct Upgrade from Vista
If you are the Vista users, you can do the upgrade directly from Windows Vista. The architecture of Windows 7 is similar to Vista, even though there are plenty of enhancements here and there. Somehow, it is still better if you do the clean install to Windows 7. By doing so, you can optimize the performance of Windows.

Windows 7 and You’re Peripheral
You’re peripheral, such as a printer, scanner, VGA, etc, can be not detected by Windows 7. The latest launching of Windows can make you finding difficulties in getting these upgrade drivers on the Internet. Microsoft anticipates this issue by providing Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Tools. You can scan all of your hardware for their compatibility so that you know what you have to do. The Advisor Tools also provides tips and troubleshooting if your hardware is having a problem. If you still find some problems with the hardware, you can consult it to Microsoft directly.

Compatibility with the Third Party Software
Windows 7 still has some problems in terms of compatibility with the third software vendors. For example, some of the antivirus application that you currently use might face some problems with your Windows 7. You can make use of Security facility from Windows 7. It is a better firewall compared to Windows XP and Vista. Besides that, you will also get the Microsoft Security Essentials. However, when you insist to tun your previous antivirus, you can visit the official websites of your antivirus and download its Windows 7 version. You can do the same for other applications besides antivirus.

Windows 7 Pre-Installed Package
If you do not want to be bothered with so many things, you can just purchase a PC or Laptop software that supports Windows 7 and other applications. You can avoid complicated things with this. It might cost more expensive, but you can protect yourself from unnecessary problems. When you face a problem, you can just call up the store where you purchased your PC or Laptop. Therefore, the guarantee can be a very important thing for you. You need to know how long your guarantee will last and to ask any specification clarification on the given guarantee.

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