How to Unblock Adobe Flash Player: Chrome, Windows 10, Mac…

Are you unable to use your Adobe Flash Player on your device? Or Your work is hindered in between as you are unable to use Adobe Software?

Then it is really a concerning matter but as of now, it is not. Because you are on the right platform, that will help you to unblock your Adobe Flash Player. 

Without any further delay, let’s move towards the different ways for multiple devices to enable it:  

How to unblock Adobe Flash Player on Chrome:

These days, Google Chrome runs Flash on a hit-it-run basis. Your browser will high-spot the Flash content on pages showing a jigsaw piece icon. 

When you get a notification in Chrome stating that your Adobe content is blocked, you have to simply tap on the jigsaw icon, and there it will display an Allow button. Click on it. 

In case, you are unable to choose the Allow button to play your multimedia content then there is a high need to change the Chrome Flash settings. For doing so, simply follow each step carefully, you will be amazed by the results: 

  • Firstly, open the browser menu. For this, select the customize Google Chrome button. 
  • Then click on the settings to open your tab as shown in the below picture:

Enable Adobe

  • Move at the bottom of the page and press the Advanced option. 
  • Now, visit the content settings and select Flash to begin the options as directed below. 
  • Now, you can unblock your Adobe Flash content by changing Block sites from streaming Flash to Ask first.
  • For your further ease, you can attack some websites to the Allow list that will always run on Adobe Flash. No prior consent will be required from your side for each of these websites if you add them. To do that, hit on the Add, paste the URL of the website that you want to add, and click on the Add button. 

Isn’t it super easy? Moreover, if you regularly need Adobe Flash then it is good to add the websites that you always want to allow as it will save your time and effort. 

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How to enable Adobe Flash on macOS?

Confused… How to unblock Adobe Flash on your mac? Or Thinking the enabling procedure for mac is large and troublesome? Well, there is nothing like that, rather the process is straightforward and simple. But for that, you have to be with us until the end, to understand the exact way to unblock it. 

We understand you might not be using Chrome as your browser and may be utilizing the services of Firefox or Safari so we will share the way for all of them, for your convenience. 

Let’s begin with the procedure:

How to Unblock Adobe Flash in chrome on macOS? 

So, if you are using Chrome browser then you need to follow the below-listed steps, if not then check the enabling for other browsers. For Chrome, accompany yourself with the directions:

  • Firstly, open a new tap in Google Chrome on your device.
  • In the address bar, enter the following: chrome://settings/content/flash and click enter.
  • A Flash setting page will appear on your screen and there, you will view an option- indicating Block sites from running Flash (recommend). Turn it on, this will unblock Flash in Chrome. 

Enable Adobe

  • In this way, you will now be able to view the Flash Content in Chrome.  

Hoping our directions work for you and you are able to enable it for your device. 

How to unblock Adobe Flash for Safari in macOS?

Regrettably, for Safari 14, Adobe Flash is totally blocked and you can’t enable it at any cost. But in case, you are using any previous version then you can enable it, for that here is the complete guide to help you in enabling it: 

  • Visit Safari and tap on the Safari menu at the head as per your Preferences. 
  • Press on the website’s option at the tip. 
  • On the left side of the plug-ins option, an option named “Adobe Flash Player” will be displayed to you. Select the box containing this option and further click on the On button when visiting other websites dropdown menu will appear on the right side.

Congrats..your Adobe Flash is now enabled. You can use it freely, still, you have any issues, connect with us. 

How to Unblock Adobe Flash Player for Windows 10 for Microsoft Edge?

Before moving towards the procedure, you must know whether your Microsoft edge is new or old. Since both have different procedures. So, firstly no is your Microsoft edge is new or old. 

Depending upon your requirement, choose the procedure and work for it effectively to enable it.

Does your work rely on video calls? Online face to face interaction is a must for you. Then you should have external software that will not only improve your video quality but also provide you various features to enhance your video.  Logitech c920 is one such webcam that will work for you.  

Let’s begin with the older version:

How to Enable Adobe Flash Player for Windows 10 Microsoft Older version?

In the older version Microsoft version, Microsoft has added the Adobe Flash Player in the browser, so you can run Flash material easily on your browser. 

But the Adobe Flash doesn’t work automatically. You have to enable it, to use the services. 

So, moving ahead with the procedure for enabling:

  • If your Adobe Edge is blocked, then you will see a puzzle icon on the right side of the search bar. You will not view it if it is not blocked. 
  • Now, click on the puzzle icon, and a window will appear displaying your Adobe Flash content is blocked” and furthermore it will allow you to unblock it. To allow it, press on “Allow Once” to run it successfully. 
  • Now, enjoy your Adobe content from the website that you have opened. 
  • In case, you are still not able to view your Flash Content, then don’t follow the above procedure and don’t tap on the puzzle icon then there is a high possibility that “Adobe Flash is turned off”. For turning it on, click on the Setting and more that is three dots icon in the right side corner of your device, and go for settings.
  • Then go for advanced on the left side, and then enable the “Use Adobe Flash Player” on the right. Your Adobe Flash Player is enabled and you can freely use it. 

Enable Adobe

How to enable Adobe Flash on Windows 10 Microsoft New Version?

Adobe Flash is not available by default in the new version of Windows 10. The only reliable and dependable way to Flash in the new edge is to download, install and utilize a browser extension named Ruffle. 

Sadly, the website is in the development phase and is not available in the Edge add-on and nor on the Chrome Web store. So, you have to download and install it manually. So, to do follow the procedure:

  • Visit the Ruffle original webpage and look for the latest Edge, Chrome, Safari browser extension. 
  • Now, preserve the Ruffle ZIP file anywhere on your Windows 10 Pc and unzip it to gain all the contents. You can download it to any location. 
  • Get back to the Microsoft Edge and in the address bar, enter  edge://extensions, and press Enter on your keyboard.


  •  The edge extension page will appear and turn on the Developer mode using it shifts from the bottom in the Edge extension menu. Once you’re done with developer mode, press the load unpacked button. You will find it on the right-side of the Edge extension page. 
  • A new window will appear “ Select the extension directory”. Now, browse your extracted ZIP file. Then go for the Ruffle folder, select the folder button. 

  • Once you install and activates the Ruffle browser extension, you can view it in the marked extension “From other sources”.
  • Now, visit the website at which you want to use Flash. Now, Microsoft edge will able to run Adobe Flash successfully. 

Maybe you think the process is long but the will definitely work for you. Moreover, you can easily access Adobe Flash through this. Importantly, Ruffle is in its early stage as mentioned, maybe sometimes it doesn’t work properly then don’t worry, developers are constantly working on it regularly. 

Is your Adobe software is showing some errors or when you start using it then you get notifications such as “Your adobe software is not genuine”  or” Your adobe software has some errors”. If yes..then you need to disable your adobe integrity software. Here, is a complete guide to effectively disable it. 

Final Words:

Whatever your device is, we have mentioned ways for each and every device and browser. So, carefully choose the procedure, as your need. Follow, each direction thoroughly and work on it.

If you face any issue in any procedure, then let us know in the comment section. As soon as possible, we will get back to you and helping you in the same. For any additional tech query, write to us. 


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