TopStore App Download Tutorial on iOS 13

For those of you who are not in a position to jailbreak their devices right now, either because there is no utility available for you or you really don’t want a semi-untethered jailbreak, we have an alternative that you might just be interested in.

While there have been plenty of alternatives released over the years, the latest one, TopStore, is one of the very best.

What is TopStore App?

Designed for iOS users as an alternative to Cydia, TopStore is a third-party app store that lets you install tweaked apps, modified games, and a few Cydia tweaks, all for free. Why would you want this? Because Apple doesn’t allow certain apps into their app store – movie apps like Coto Movies and MovieBox, screen recorders, games emulator, etc. – the only way to get them is through an installer like TopStore.

Plus you can get stock apps modified with extra features to make it work better, top-rated games with all in-app purchases unlocked and extra features added and much more.  It is one of the most user-friendly app installers, doesn’t require an iOS 13 jailbreak and is compatible with all iOS devices on iOS 8 right up to iOS 13.

TopStore App Features:

TopStore app is packed with a ton of cool features, including:

  • Free to download and use
  • No jailbreak needed
  • Thousands of apps and games
  • Cydia tweaks including screen recorders and games emulators
  • Compatible with all iOS devices on iOS 8 and up
  • Full support for the latest iOS 13
  • Many more features

All the apps and games have been sorted into four useful categories just to make life much easier for you:

  • App Store Apps – lots of official iOS app store content
  • Exclusive Apps – these are not found in the official store and includes screen recorders, games emulators, movie and music apps, and more
  • Tweaked Apps – some of the top native apps tweaked with features that give you a better user experience
  • Modified Games – top games, completely unlocked and with added features to give you a competitive edge

Note: Be aware that not all apps included in TopStore have to support for all iOS versions, so don’t be surprised if some don’t work on your device. For example, an app that has support for iOS 10 and above will not work on iOS 8 or 9, and not all have been updated to support iOS 13 just yet.

How to Download TopStore on iOS 13 :

Obviously, this is something that Apple isn’t going to allow into the app store. Not only is it unofficial, but it is also packed with unofficial apps, and it is an app store, direct competition for the Cupertino company. This isn’t a problem; there is a very easy way to install TopStore onto your iPhone or iPad.

You will need:

  • Your computer
  • iPhone or iPad with USB/Lightning cable
  • Up to date version of iTunes (in iTunes, click Help > Check for Updates and follow any on-screen instructions)

Once you are set up and have a good internet connection, you can start:

  1. Tap on the Configuration Profile download button from the TopStore website – this will start the download
  2. A message will pop up; tap on Allow
  3. When the process is complete, the app icon is on your home page
  4. Tap it, and an Untrusted Developer error appears
  5. Make a note of the developer name and then tap on Cancel
  6. Open your iOS settings app and tap General
  7. Go to Profiles & Device Management
  8. Look for the developer name in the list and tap it
  9. Tap on Trust and close settings
  10. Now you can use TopStore and start downloading apps like Kodi and more.

The Untrusted Developer error is a common one with unofficial content. Because Apple does not know the developer, they won’t allow you to use the app until you tell them its OK to do so.

This error is also likely to occur with many of the apps and games that you download from TopStore so be prepared to do steps 5 through 10 multiple times.

How to Use TopStore App:

TopStore app is dead simple to use and is one of the most user-friendly app installers:

  1. Tap the app icon to open TopStore
  2. Choose your app category – see Features above
  3. Either type in the name of the app or game you want into the search bar or simply browse through the list
  4. When you find what you want, tap on it, and the app page will open
  5. Tap on Install and follow the in-app directions
  6. When it is installed, it’s yours to use for free.

Fixing Common TopStore Errors:

TopStore is a pretty stable app installer, but we have been getting reports of a few errors that seem to keep appearing. Looking into them, we found that these are very easy to fix and are more irritating than serious:

White/Blank Screen:

This takes a couple of simple steps to fix:

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open your settings
  2. Tap the Safari option
  3. Tap the Clear Website Data option

Try using TopStore; the screen will have cleared.

Fix Revoke Apps Issue:

TopStore is not an official app, which means Apple doesn’t support it.  In order to get the installer to run, the developers make use of enterprise certificates that have expired.

Apple will revoke these regularly and, while the developers make every effort to ensure the certificates are replaced quickly, sometimes the app will crash before they can do it.

Besides, while reinstalling everything will bring it all back, there is a way to stop it from happening in the first place – install an anti-revoke app. There are two that work, and both prevent Apple from revoking the certificate.

Delete TopStore:

Sometimes the best way to fix an error on TopStore is to delete it and start over. Here’s how:

  1. Open your settings app and tap on General
  2. Tap Profiles and Device Management
  3. Find and tap the TopStore profile
  4. Tap Delete Profile on the popup message
  5. Close the Settings app, and you will see that TopStore has been deleted
  6. Follow the steps above to reinstall it.

Final Words

One of the newest app installers, TopStore, is fast proving itself to be reliable and, as well as an alternative to Cydia, it is also being used as an alternative to the official app store. Give it a go and make sure you don’t miss out on some of the best content around.


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