Top 8 Free Games on Your Computer

Here are worthy games for PC, which are comfortable to play without spending too much.

You don’t always have to spend money on games, and there are plenty of free or conditionally free games, like browser and 22Bet – online casino games. Sometimes they have in-game purchases: for example, you can buy additional weapons or cosmetic items – costumes and jewelry. Here are worthy games for PC, which are comfortable to play without spending too much.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a “battle royale” in the Titanfall universe. On a large map, you have to eliminate enemies while staying within the so-called safe zone. It constantly narrows and forces players not to sit in the same shelter – because of this you have to more actively destroy opponents.

The game has up to 60 players fighting simultaneously, each working in a squad of three. Allies must protect and revive each other, so the condition of comrades must be monitored.

There are 21 heroes with unique skills to choose from. For example, the assassin Revenant can disable enemies’ skills, and the bomber Fuse can cause a bombardment of a given area.

In the three years since its release, Apex Legends has become one of the most popular games in the world. The developers at Respawn Entertainment are constantly keeping the community interested by adding heroes and locations, hosting in-game events with new modes, and improving the balance. You can start playing Apex Legends in 2022 and not worry about it being abandoned.

Dota 2

One of the two major MOBA games of our time, along with League of Legends. Unlike the other online games in the selection, Dota 2 offers only one map: it is regularly updated, but the basis remains the same.

Before the match begins, two teams of five players are formed. Everyone chooses one of 120 heroes, after which everyone gets on the map and begins the road to victory: eliminate members of the enemy team and destroy its buildings. The goal of each team is to destroy the main building at the enemy’s base, the so-called Ancient One.

The game is complex: it will take more than one hundred hours to learn all the gameplay mechanics and memorize the characters’ skills. The outcome of the match depends on the players’ skills and their coordination, so the session can last as long as 10 minutes or several hours. Dota 2 is still catching on to this day: you often want to play a couple more matches to win back after a failure or, on the contrary, to consolidate your success.

Call of Duty: Warzone

A multiplayer spin-off of the Call of Duty series based on the 2019 Modern Warfare release. As in other “battle royale” titles, you land on a large map, go in search of weapons, and eliminate enemies in your path.

Except that when you die, you don’t drop out of the game, you go to a special dimension. There you have to fight another killed player. The winner is reborn on the map, and the loser is permanently eliminated.

Otherwise, Warzone is a traditional Call of Duty with fast gameplay and large arsenal of weapons, where you can beat your enemies with a pistol or grenade launcher.


Fortnite is a cartoon shooter with three modes: the cooperative “survival” Save the World, the creative “sandbox” Creative, and the “battle royal” Battle Royal.

In the first mode, you have to fight off waves of computer enemies together and build buildings to provide the best defense. In the second, you can create your own maps and play them with other users. And in “battle royal” you have to compete with many players until only one remains alive – like in Apex Legends and Warzone.

Fortnite has quickly become a pop-culture phenomenon. It constantly has crossovers between fictional universes. For example, you could play as Marvel, DC, Stranger Things, and Star Wars characters in different seasons.

Path of Exile

Path of Exile is an isometric action-RPG for Diablo fans. As in the Blizzard game, here you have to play as a fantasy hero and kill monsters, complete quests and pass through dungeons. The gameplay with mopping up locations and collecting items in Path of Exile is just as dynamic.

In Diablo, character skills like using spells are presented as pumpable skills. In Path of Exile, though, they’ve redesigned the system. Magic and other abilities are not tied to the hero, but to the items used, that is, special stones. These stones can be bought and exchanged from merchants. At the same time, instead of gold the character uses in-game items: they need to be exchanged for the appropriate equipment.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular games of our time with a huge fan base around the world. It’s good both as a story-driven RPG and as an online game: you can play it alone without being distracted by cooperative quests. But it’s fun to cooperate with other players, too.

The main character is a traveler between worlds who is looking for a twin in the fantasy world. The player chooses the gender of the character and other plot details.

Behind the uncomplicated plot lies a beautifully designed world with references to Eastern and Western cultures. Other goodies of Genshin Impact are bright visuals in anime style and addictive gameplay. In the large open world you have to fulfill quests, fight enemies, collect resources for crafting food and healing potions.

In Genshin Impact, you can switch between characters on the fly. There are 50 of them in the game, each with their own weapons, attacks and fighting abilities. For example, the archer Amber shoots a hail of arrows, and the sorceress Lisa controls lightning. For a fee you can open the chests with new heroes, but it all depends on the case: you can spend a lot of money, but don’t knock out the character of interest.


One of the top modern card games along with Magic: The Gathering and Gwynth. The user chooses one of 10 classes, battles with other players and collects a deck of cards with different effects to fight. To win, you must bring your opponent’s health to zero.

Different classes have their own cards and abilities: for example, the Priest heals himself or allies, and the Paladin can summon a soldier once per turn. The game also has advanced ranked matches for special titles. The higher the title, the more skilled players will be caught in matches.

The authors regularly tweak the game, adding cards with new effects and removing old ones. This encourages periodic changes in strategy and improvement, which is why Hearthstone has not lost its popularity for the ninth year.

Cry of Fear

A protagonist named Simon, with a mental disorder, wakes up on the night streets of Stockholm. The city seems empty, but that feeling is deceptive: there are monsters waiting in alleyways and abandoned buildings.

Armed with a gun and lighting the way with his phone, Simon sets out on a journey through Stockholm. The hero must find out how he is connected to what is happening in the city and why they want to kill him.

Cry of Fear was originally a fan modification for the shooter Half-Life, so the gameplay formula is almost the same. The protagonist shoots the enemies and solves the puzzles that help to advance. The story is non-linear: depending on the decisions you make during the game, you will get one of four endings.

Cry of Fear can be completed in cooperative mode for up to four players. The remaining users will take control of a copy of the protagonist, which doesn’t affect the story. And if you get bored with the main game, you can download custom modifications with your stories.

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