The Impact of a Mobile Friendly Website on Your Business

Easy availability of mobile phones and that too at a very cheap cost has seen the user base of smart-phones increase manifolds in the past decade. In 2016 a report came out which said that the number of people accessing through mobile phones is more than the desktop devices.

And yet small businesses don’t pay attention to the importance of mobile-friendly web design. The history of web design has been heavily impacted by the introduction of new technology. When the internet speed was slow, web designs used to be pretty basic but that changed with improved and faster internet.

Therefore a mobile-friendly website is a prerequisite for a successful business in today’s world. Here we enumerate the benefits of having a mobile-first user interface.

Smartphone users purchase more online

The most amazing thing about a mobile phone is its portability and quite literally how mobile it is. You can access a website from anywhere and anytime. A survey found that merely 15% of the total desktop users buy online once a week whereas 35% of smart-phone users make online orders in the same time frame. Moreover, the device is always ready for use. Unlike a computer, you don’t have to wait while it loads and starts up.

The world now runs at a much faster pace than ever. Everything has to be now, at this very moment. So when the idea of buying something pops into your head you don’t want to wait until you reach home where your computer is. Not when you can buy stuff literally at the tip of your fingers.

But if a mobile user finds your user interface or user experience a bit tardy and complex then they will be discouraged from buying your product. Hence it is very important to have a mobile-friendly and responsive web design. Learn more about designing a mobile-first website here.

Cost-effectiveness will see your profits go up

One important thing to remember is that Google punishes websites that are not mobile-friendly. If your website is not suitable for a phone then Google will push it down the search list. For a good SEO make sure you comply with Google’s policy.

Responsive web design ensures that your website is suitable for any device regardless of its shape and size. So the website must adapt itself to the requirements of s particular device. If responsive design is not in place then your website will not load properly on any other device than the intended one. And this will lead to increased design and maintenance cost.

Webdesign, Design, Web, Website, Template, Layout, Mobile Friendly WebsiteGood user experience will improve customer loyalty

In today’s day and age, the quality of your websites is a parameter of whether your business is reputed and trustworthy. Users long for a seamless experience where they can easily search and buy their desired product. If they find that a website us unresponsive when accessed through a mobile device then they will be highly discouraged from buying your product.

Data from Google reveals that sixty-one percent of people who found using a website difficult on mobile phones are unlikely to use it again. So make sure you have an edge over your competitor.


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