The Best Mobile Games For Brainy Gamers

Sometimes you want a game for the end of the day that will let you wind down and escape from the stresses of work. You want a game that’s easy and you can whizz through quickly. In those moments, there are plenty of games that you could choose from, because people love them. That’s why titles like Candy Crush and Crossy Road took off so quickly, everyone can enjoy them and they don’t require a huge amount of skill. However, some of us want a game that’s going to really challenge us. We want a game that will get the grey matter moving, our mathematical mindset switched on, or our logic skills pushed. If you’re in the mood for a game that’s going to get your brain working then these could be the perfect thing and better still, they’re all available to play on mobile.

For the Linguistic Geniuses

You’ll need a good vocabulary to excel at crosswords

Often language skills are overlooked and under recognised, thrown in with soft skills, when in fact they’re seriously impressive. If you consider yourself something of a linguist, then there are lots of mobile apps out there that you’ll enjoy. Crosswords are an obvious choice, but the variety within this genre means that you’ll never get bored. Cryptic crosswords and quick crosswords are just the two most common examples, but you can have all kinds of fun discovering the rest. Wordle is a game that’s taken the world by storm recently, in which you have to guess a five letter word over the course of six turns. Each time you get a letter correct, that’s locked in for you. It might sound easy, but it requires a good vocabulary and plenty of patience.

For the Mathletes

Games that are going to test your mathematical skills are amidst the easiest to find thanks to everyone’s enjoyment of casino games. Blackjack, poker and roulette all encourage us to think mathematically in order to win. With roulette you’ll need to be thinking about probabilities, in order to decide which number to put your money on. Blackjack requires your mental arithmetic to be sharp and your probability skills too, in order to work out the likelihood of the cards coming next. Poker requires a good mixture too, with the best players being able to work out pot odds to determine whether to carry on with the game or fold.

Casino games have long been popular with people who have a penchant for math. Now it’s easy to play at the top mobile casinos and possible to scroll through a list of them that have all been independently reviewed. All of the casinos on the site are ranked for the variety of games that they offer, as well as the deposit and withdrawal methods that you can use. Furthermore, they’re tested for safety and security, so you can be sure that your money is well looked after whilst you’re playing. Of course, casino games aren’t the only mobile games that are good for the mathematically inclined. 2048 took the world by storm almost a decade ago when it was released, but it’s now so popular that as well as the mobile version, several air travel companies have made it available on their in-flight screens. The aim of the game is to reach the 2048 tile, by pushing tiles together and adding them up. It’s a simple idea, but gets more and more difficult the larger the numbers become.

Logical Thinkers

One of the big benefits of mobile gaming is that there’s no need for a pro gaming setup. Not only does this mean that you can play absolutely anywhere, it also means you don’t have to spend huge amounts of money on gaming chairs, consoles and computers. With that said, you’re unlikely to be able to play games with such huge memory requirements. This is where simple games, done well come into their own and for fans of logic, it doesn’t get much better than chess. There are literally hundreds of mobile apps where you can play chess and each of them have their own subtle differences. Some people base their preferences entirely on the feel of the app. It might be that it has a classic and stylish colour scheme, reminiscent of playing on a mahogany board in a wood-panelled smoking room. It might be that you enjoy a neon colour scheme that’s buzzier and futuristic. There are also changes to gameplay to look out for too. Fans of quick chess will want to look out for that option in their app of choice, whilst those who are super competitive might instead search for worldwide leaderboards.

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