Summer Holiday Season: Best Place to visit…

 “Take vacations, go as many places as you can, you can always make money, you can’t awake to make memories.”

Summer Holiday Season…The Time of Fun!!

Isn’t it? Especially the Summer Holiday Season….It is the period when you come out of your home and bask with your friends and family. So, To know every minute detail of the Summer Holiday Season stay tuned. Moreover, we will also share with you the best place to visit in the U.S. 

Summer Holiday Season

I usually associate the summer season with vacation days…. days full of excitement and pleasure, particularly between late-May and late-June. Sometimes, the period between early-August and early-September is also considered Summer Holiday Season. In the United States, the Season is well-known for its celebration at numerous renowned places. 

This season is also recognized as a natural season for holidays. It is one of the most joyful and contented periods, which is awaited by the vacay admirers. In short, the vacation period of the summer, expressly the summer holidays of the kids, is called Summer Holiday Season. 

In this period, every individual tries to travel any place irrespective of age and other factors. No matter whether the trip is for one day or one week….this is a delightful period, and everyone tries to relish it fully.  

Being a hodophile, I personally wait for this season.  

Best Places to Visit in the U.S.

             ” Once you’ve got wanderlust in your blood, you’ve got it for life.

So, if you have wanderlust, then you might be wondering about the best place to visit for the next trip.

Holidays are for exploring whether you explore a small city or a big city; it entirely depends on you. Recently, one of my friends has visited the U.S.; he has shared his experience with me. So, I thought why not to share with you– The Country which everyone dreams to see. 

I know you are well-excited to gain all the knowledge about it. So, brace yourself to plan your trip to these beautiful places. 

Let’s begin with your travel list:



Yellowstone National Park is well-known as an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. The colorful pools, natural lakes, exciting peaks, flourishing forest is the best to start your U.S. journey. Its natural beauty will hook you. Moreover, you will forget the time with its stunning atmosphere.

While crossing mountains, canyons, and geysers, and waterfalls, you will definitely thank me for sharing with you such a fantastic place. Additionally, don’t forget to share your paths with the permanent inhabitants of the Yellowstone like elk and even grizzlies. Am I enjoying the stunning scenario while writing…are you while reading?

San Deigo

If you have visited the U.S. but San Deigo, then definitely you have missed half of your enjoyment. Dreaming of exploring any place that has consistently sunny weather?… Then San Deigo is the one for you. San Deigo is a perfect place for the one who wants- Coronado, thriving nightlife, beaches at just one place. 

How can anyone forget the lip smashing Mexican cuisine?

This is the must-visit place if you go to San Deigo, you will definitely like the different salubrious cuisines. Furthermore, the traditional Gaslamp Quater also makes your journey a most-relishing one. 

Grand Cayon

Grand Cayon
Grand Cayon

The next one on the list is Grand Cayon. 

If you ask me to describe it in just two words, then it will be a Natural Wonder. Personalities from all over the universe travel to gaze at its red and orange splendor. Additionally, the view will calm you, and rather it will bind you to visit it again and again.

Grand Cayon is expended with the Colorado River’s help, and it chose as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The place is mostly crowded, especially the Grand Canyon Village, and the Bright Angel Trail are on the top of the list of sight seekers. 


Moving towards next…..Yosemite is a Natural Park consisting of mounting waterfalls, Sequoia trees, cliff faces, and striking. Its most famous landmarks are- Half Dome and EI Capitan, along with the beautiful hiking trails by the natural monuments. 

Moreover, if you are fond of observing unique rock formations, then Yosemite is the place for you. No matter whether your experienced hiker or not, it will be delightful for you. The one thing I should make clear that the area is very crowded, but if you visit early morning, you will cherish it.  


Looking for abundant opportunities to relax, then Maui should on your priority list. With its pleasant beaches and grassy parks, your calmness will be at the peak. This is our next exciting place for you.

Furthermore, you can enjoy the flying experience as it offers you to fly above the island in the plane or laze on the sands of Waianapaaapa Sate Park. Must try Maui’s Seafood if you like seafood, and don’t forget to island other specialties like haupia. Do share which delicacies you find most amazing. 

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is known for the portion of the glaciers from the ice age and widely popular as “Crown of the Continent”. Because of its features, it is one of the favorite parks of the hikers. As it offers numerous tracks varying from Trail of the Cedars to the Grinnel Glacier. 

You will not believe the park has 700 lakes, multiple waterfalls, and two mountain varieties with different diversity of species. However, the geological features hook you but the history associated with it is also quite interesting. 

New Orleans

European-style structure with luscious Creole Cuisine along with its different music flavors like Jazz, Blues, Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Zydeco are the most exciting things about New Orleans. 

Besides all this, tourists here especially visit for the Mardi Gras, no matter at what time and at what month you are visiting it, you will always find a party-round. Moreover, also don’t forget to visit  Windsor Court Hotel, The Ritz-Carlton, and Royal Sonesta in New Orleans. 


If you think that Boston is only a baseball, brownstones and bookish collegiate hub then you are wrong. It is much more than you actually think about it. 

It offers you classic and contemporary sites such as Paul Revere House and Faneuil Hall with modernized places like Fine Arts, Boston. 

Do you where is the American first and the large municipal public library is free to access?… It is Boston. So, if books are your friends then do visit your friends place(Library). Share your experience with us.

In case you don’t find reading books interesting, then you can explore these places:

  • Faneuil Hall Marketplace
  • Isabella Stewart Gardner 
  • Boston Common

Grand Teton National Park

If you visit Grand Teton National Park in summer then the scenario is completely different. Along with its different types of mountains, you will view breathtaking waterfalls and Tetons. 

In the summer season, the area is well-popular to the hikers calling them to show a variety of their abilities. If you want something well-related to the history then Menor’s Ferry and Mormon Row from the 19 century will bind you.  The best places to visit in the Grand Teton National Park:

  • Jackson Lake Lodge
  • Togwotee Mountain Lodge
  • Turpin Meadow Ranch 


Are you a coffee liker? You will be thinking what’s the logic behind this to ask in between the article. First, answer it then I will tell you. 

If yes..then Seattle is the place for you. It is the home of the U.S.’s best coffee along with flourishing arts scenes. The area is well surrounded by the water and the best for the outdoors chases such as kayaking, hiking, and camping. 

Even the enormous Mount Rainier is noticeable by the plethora of spots in the city. If you want to explore some markets, you can visit Pike Place Market, Chihuly Garden, and Glass. 

Golden Isles

Like the name, the place is also perfect. Golden Isles is well marked with luxury resorts, natural beaches, and extremely well-rated golf courses. 

If you are an active traveler then St. Simons Island, Sea Island, Jekyll Island, Little St. Simons Island will hook you with different activities like-

Tennis, Biking, boating and hiking, and many more. 

Talking about dining, the place has everything ranging from barbecue to their local street options and seafood. 

Mount Rainier National Park

It is the nations fiveth National Park. The place is popular for its Paradise, Sunrise and the Grove of the Patriarchs Trail. You can explore many unusual things here.

However the park is yearly open but in the winter season some of the areas are closed including roads. If you visit the park in late summer then it provides you optimum weather to do hiking. The best hotels to stay are Gateway Inn, Packwood Inn. 

Cape Code

The another one the list is Cape Code. It is family-friendly vacay spot Cape Code delight the visitors with its colorful clam shacks, cozy cottages, stunning national seashore along with showy resorts. 

For the history explorers,  various hertiage Museums and gardens are avaliable. You can even do Wellfleet Drive-In Theartre. The place is famous for a event, conducted in June where Doug the Quahog delivers his annual beach climate prediction

Hilton Head

Another one on the list is Hilton Head. Entirely prosper with thenatural wonder such as Coastal Discovery Museum and the Pinckney Island National Widlife Discovery Refuge. Furthermore, it has 12 miles of sandy beaches which attract every visiter. 

If you already know about the Hilton Head then you must be aware that this is known for the golfing, tennis and the “spa-ing”. Still, if you don’t want to explore all the above then also you can enjoy the place. 

As it is the best to relax, relax on the sand and enjoy the beach view. 


Kennebunkport is simple yet classic. It offers you sea-centric pleasure and typical beach destination and sailboats. Walker’s point is the one of the hooking place. 

If you are going for a vacay just to cheer yourself and to relax and didn’t want any hassle then you should visit this place. Its relaxing atmosphere around the beaches and the secret footpaths are the prominent attributes of Kennebunkport. You can do Cape Porpoise, Kennebunkport Beaches and boat tours are one of the important activities you can do. 

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Looking to visit a free National park in America? Then visit Smoky Mountains National Park.  The park is good blend of Cades Cove with Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail. Moreover, hiking, biking and fishing are also the one that you can explore well in this park. 

If you wish to learn the history of the park then you can visit Cades Cove Visitor Center and there you can get the gristmill and the Cable Mill or by the Sugarlands Vistors Center for widlife reveal. 

In addition to the above, you can also watch a film on the park and aslo shop for the unique souvenirs. 

Bottom Lines

After reading about all of the above places, you might be confused. Isn’t it? Particularly, when you have limited time to explore. Just choose the place according to your priorities.

Assuming, you get clarity about the best places in the U.S. and you find the information is useful to plan your trip. Which place you like the most (Of Course you haven’t visit yet but according to the description and mindset) share with us.

If you want to know about any other palace then let us know in the comment section. We will definitely help you and will update the article for you. For any support, write us in the reference section. 

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