Software Development Outsourcing Companies in Ukraine

Nowadays, IT outsourcing is becoming more popular in Ukraine. It occurs thanks to the developing tech sphere, great staff potential, and quality educational basis. Developers in Ukraine are known as leading experts because of their comprehensive experience and fluent English.

Also, these tech experts get recognized for their understanding of adjacent technology fields that are trendy today. Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality are a small part of them.

If you are hesitating to hire Ukrainian IT specialists or not, this article is for you. We will examine the comprehensive information about the Ukrainian IT market. Also, we will review what cities fit the most outsourcing development services. Carry on reading and keep abreast of the actual data.

Ukrainian IT Market in Numbers

The software development market is steadily growing in Ukraine. According to the AIN report for 2019, the IT market increased to more than 4.000 of tech companies and over 1.600 of IT service agencies. Yet, outsourcing is a leader in the field of IT in Ukraine.

IT exports increased to $4.5 billion, generating 4.5% of GDP (gross domestic product). Thus, the IT-sphere takes third place among the largest Ukrainian niches by export bulk.

Based on multiple reports, more than 160.000 developers live in Ukraine. Such a figure is second to Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Poland. Today, approximately half of IT specialists work on outsourcing.

It implies that most of the IT companies in Ukraine are exporting their services to the USA as a possible customer base. In its turn, others offer their solutions to the United Kingdom, WE region, Canada, and Israel.

Top 5 Ukrainian IT Hubs for Software Outsourcing

We will review the best Ukrainian cities that are of the highest demand in the IT arena. They are Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Odessa. The majority of top Ukrainian IT companies are located there. Thus, these locations draw many foreign investors every year.

  1. Kyiv is the center for most Ukraine software companies. It is explained by high-quality technical education and high demand for IT specialists in companies. Also, Kyiv has a convenient location, which facilitates cooperation with clients, since they can easily control the work on the project.
  2. In Kharkiv, developers compete less with each other than in the capital of Ukraine. However, the IT arena in Kharkiv is large-scale thanks to top-notch technical education in its universities.
  3. Lviv IT companies are developing by leaps and bounds. Thus, dedicated specialists in the field of IT aim to get a job in Lviv. It occurs because the city is close to Europe both culturally and in a territorial way.
  4. Dnipro has great staff potential and the developers are well technically educated. The city is known for the best specialists versed in Java, .NET, C++, Oracle, and JavaScript technologies.
  5. In Odessa, the IT-sphere is rapidly developing for 2020. Its companies are interested in employing qualified Ukrainian developers in local start-ups. Odessa companies practice outsourcing their best IT specialists abroad.

One of the top software engineering providers in Ukraine is Mangosoft. This company implements industry best practices in the development of its products. Its primary specialties are financial technologies and e-commerce. Since these tendencies are in demand, Mangosoft is recognizable both in Europe and in the USA.

Software Development Companies in Ukraine: Industry Focus

Overall, Ukrainian IT companies are based on the following areas of knowledge – software development, quality testing, automation of testing, research and engineering, support of an app, and architecture. These primary tendencies among Ukrainian IT specialists draw foreign investors annually.

Final Words

Not so demanded, yet recognized are Ukrainian experts in the fields of UI/UX design and computer security. At present, Ukraine accommodates over 160.000 IT service providers and approximately the same number of businesses operating in related fields.

Software development outsourcing companies in Ukraine take the lead in the world market of IT. This is facilitated by a convenient location, qualified developers, and affordable prices.


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