8 Simple YouTube Video Marketing Tips for Dropshippers

Dropshippers can drive sales via YouTube in many ways. Reports say 64% of shoppers make a purchase after watching branded social videos, and with 1.9 billion always logged-in users per month, YouTube is indeed a great marketing channel for drop shippers.

In a related development, Statista reports that global retail sales will top $4.88tr by 2021. As a drop shipper or online entrepreneur, this is a major green light.

What’s more, 51% of marketers say video gives the best ROI. It generates the most engagement and conversions. So, why not a camera, lights, and action?

In this post, I’ll be highlighting eight ways drop shippers can use and benefit from YouTube marketing videos, but first

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a unique form of retail fulfillment. It is an online e-commerce business model where you don’t need to buy the stock you sell or keep any physical inventory, or rent a warehouse.

You simply:

  1. Create an e-commerce store on say, Shopify
  2. Identify trusted suppliers on AliExpress
  3. Obtain product photos from suppliers in #2 above, plus cost price
  4. Import as many products as you want into your Shopify store with one click using Oberlo (a powerful dropshipping automation app)
  5. Edit product description
  6. Add your own pricing and price rules
  7. Market and market, e.g using Facebook ads, Instagram, etc
  8. Receive orders from your customers
  9. Take out your profit and forward customer details along with order details to your suppliers in #2 above
  10. Your suppliers will pick, pack and ship orders to your customer anywhere in the world.

This a short summary of how dropshipping is done.

Using the right YouTube video marketing tactics can increase store traffic, engagement, and conversion for your dropshipping business.

Following are

8 Types of YouTube Videos Every Dropshipper Should Try

Site Tour Video

A good site tour video is like a tour guide. It shows shoppers around your dropshipping store. This should be on your home page or landing page so visitors can see it as soon as they arrive.

Site tour videos are short and succinct, straight to the point. TED-Ed Website Tour Video is 3:08 minutes long and shows you what to expect from the website.

You can even create 3D site tour videos and 360° videos using tools like 3DVista or MatterPort. These videos can then be exported or uploaded to your YouTube channel.

Product Explainer Videos

Product explainer videos are a lot like site tour videos. Only this time you’re “touring” a product instead. Just the same way a good site tour video shows key aspects of your drop shipping store, a good product explainer video shows all key features of a particular product.