Seven Deadly Sins Updated Character List Secrets Revealed

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Whether it is a movie, show a series, characters the most intriguing part about it. We relate with the cast members or animation characters, thus funding it more relishing. 

Even we check, whether, in this season, my favorite character is coming up or not. Right….So, now for this time, we have come up with Seven Deadly Sins characters to give you an in-depth view of them. Let’s dive deep into the topic.

all characters in seven deadly sins
all characters in seven deadly sins

Well renowned Characters of Seven Deadly Sins

Here, is a list of seven deadly sins characters that you must know. Let’s begin without any further delay

  • Meliodas

Seven Deadly sins

“Everyone has to die someday”. But what they believed in will never fade away as long as someone protects it. Once you’ve resolved to take on those principles, no matter how tears you shed, you follow through with it! That’s what it means to be a knight”.

No one can forget this quote. No further explanation is needed….. Isn’t it?  

Meliodas is the foremost character of the series who is well-known as a Dragon’s Sin of Wrath. He is immensely active and robust, a person in whose signature ability is renowned. His signature ability is recognized as Full Counter, which has mystic power. 

But he can’t use his power against physical attacks, can only use it as a counter. With the curved short-sword he can use his full potential of the counter as the sword allows him to build four weaker clones that fulfill his lacking ability. 

Meliodas is a fearless guy who has a high level of frankness and he tries to do his best for his friends. Even when he is extremely injured then also he tries to hide his weakness and stayed strong in front of them and his associates. He has the following abilities:

  • Full Counter
  • Hell blaze
  • Assault Mode
  • Kami Chigri 
  • Trillion Dark 
  • Shiden Issen 

By using all his abilities, he can easily defeat himself.

  • Elizabeth Liones

“Everyone is enduring for you. So please…open your eyes.”

Are you aware of who is the highest-ranked member of the Goddess Clan? No….. Let me introduce you to her. Elizabeth Lioness is the one who has gained this rank. She is the one who enjoys and adores a peaceful approach rather than relishing fights. Here, is a list of abilities that she has:

  • Ark
  • Let there be Light
  • Emphatic Power
  • Time Regression Spell
  • Flight
eliziabeth lion
eliziabeth lion

She is a kind-hearted personality and tries to avoid battle as much as she can. Moreover, she is compassionate about Demon Clan. If you have already streamed the series then you definitely know it. 

  • Hawk

Hawk is a companion of Meliodas, a one who has eaten the disgusting table scraps and due to his act, he is considered as a Boar Hat’s ‘captain of the Order Scraps Disposal’. He supports Elizabeth and aids his Sins numerous times by utilizing his headbutts and his other attacks on the weaker opponents.   

  • Diane

I’ll fight when the time comes, but that is when I have someone precious to protect. Fighting for the sake of the fighting. That’s just so sad.

Like Elizabeth, Diane also hates fights and tries to ignore them. She is larger than the ordinary individual. She is the one who looks good with her brown hair and childlike facial appearance. Over the years, she has gone throw quite fewer changes and there is no major change in the appearance. 

She is well-confident about her abilities and wanted to be smaller as she revealed her urge to be smaller. Moreover, she wants to help people and demands no favor in return. She believes in selfless serving, you can predict this when she saved old man Vaizal and Zeal.

Along with all the above, she cares a lot about her captain.

  • Ban

“Even my life hasn’t been that great, I figure that if I live long enough, sometimes might good happen”.

Ban is a muscular man with pale skin who has short blue hair. On his neck left side, he has a huge scar which is granted by the Meliodas. He is a passionate man, who believes in self-interest and takes actions those actions that catch his interest.  

Undoubtedly, every person has his or her unique habits and Ban also has one unique rather strange habit. He makes singing tones while having words with the people, sometimes his habit is not considered in a positive way. Actually, he developed this habit in his teens when he was fostered by the Zhivago. 

Do you have any unique habits or talents like Ban then do let us know in the comment section. 

  • Gowther:

“Memories are merely information. Creating or abolishing them is not difficult. What I want to understand…is the “emotion” that reaches beyond them”.

Are you aware of who said this quote and why?

Gowther utter this quote when he admitted the purpose behind his action when faced by Diane. Mainly he wears a white shirt with gray long sleeves over a tank top along with a pair of dark pants. Likewise Ban, Gowther has one unique habit that he likes wearing women’s clothes. Isn’t it stange?

He is a person who considers things rationally rather than emotionally. Moreover, he asserts factually, doesn’t even realizing what impact does his words have on others. His key abilities are:

  • Invasion
  • Transformation

While using these abilities, he also sometimes uses Herritt (his weapon) to defeat his opponent. What you think about Gowther, write us in the comment section. 

  • Merlin:

“When somethings contradict each other, you should look at the opposite side of everything. And when the meanings behind the seemingly unnatural actions are made clear, a completely different answer might be reached… Justice can become evil. Reality can become an illusion…”

all seven deadly sins character
Seven Deadly Sins

From the above quote, you can relate to Merlin as an open-minded person who believes in considering all aspects of the situation. She enjoys challenging and imitating others. 

She is a calm and passive woman, who always believes in tackling situations peacefully and smoothly. There are quite a few situations in which she losses her calmness for example when Arthur was stabbed by his own sword. She has numerous abilities, here we have listed some of the major ones. Have a glance at them:

  • Aqua Dress
  • Wave Dragon
  • Exterminate Ray
  • Endless Whirl
  • Shock Stinger
  • Double Impact
  • Fake Ball
  • Purgatory Venom
  • Power Full Convention 
  • Absolute Cancel

Which of her ability you think is the most significant? Share your opinion with us in the note section. 

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Final Thoughts:

In this article, we have mentioned the topmost characters of the Seven Deadly Sins that are widely popular among its fans. If you want to know about any other character then share with us. We will definitely share the details of that cast member. 

Till then, enjoy the data of these actors and enjoy the series, if you haven’t watched seven deadly sins. To know more about any other series, then share the name in the comment section. 

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