Red Dead Redemption 2 Tips: The Ultimate Guide to Help You Win

Trust us when we say that you will need our Red Dead Redemption tips to hide from the law, deal with your horse, and so much more.

An epic open-world game that has even gotten made has to be the Red Dead Redemption 2. There are different things to do in the game, from robbing banks to hunting animals, completing side quests, and story missions. With so much to do all at once, the game can feel overwhelming.

Thus, you need to know some fundamental things to make the most of Red Dead Redemption 2. Our tips will help you progress without dying frequently. So, avoid making rookie errors when starting and get ready for a long journey on the dusty path ahead.

Take a selfie in the Wild West

From the wheel of items, choose Arthur’s camera and click some gorgeous shots virtually. Upload these pictures to The Rockstar’s Social Club. Any photos you upload will be marked with handy hashtags like #Valentine and others. With Arthur’s camera, you can also take a selfie, given the progressive outlaw he is.

Greet people you meet

Red Dead Redemption 2 employs a system of honor. Thus, you have to do great deeds like helping strangers to increase your honor. The minute you do evil deeds like wild camping or killing people, your recognition will go down. There are many advantages of being honorable, which include getting money off the sale items in shops. One of the simplest ways of enhancing your honor is greeting everyone. Try not to shoot at them by pressing the wrong button accidentally.

Bond with your stallion

Horses are an essential part of the game. Without a horse, you will not be able to do anything and struggle till the end of time. Thus, it would be best if you befriended your horse at the earliest. New moves will open up when you bond well, and you can quickly get past the enemies. Bonding also enhances the range at which one can whistle their horse. Feed, brush, and pat your horse time and again.

Observe your Cores

In this game, your character has to maintain the cores of yours and your horse. Your character will have cores for dead eye, stamina, and health, whereas your horse will have cores for energy and health. You have to maintain all these cores, or you will suffer. Thus, observe the cores, take tonics, sleep and eat when required.

Notice your surroundings

This thing may seem very obvious to some players, but we feel it is worth mentioning. Do not keep all your focus on your waypoint or destination as per the RDR2 Hacks. Instead, scan the horizon for people to meet and places to explore. You will make out if there is a campfire by simply noticing the smoke rising from somewhere. A white circle will denote there is a stranger mission nearby. You will also hear and see animals worth hunting.

Set destination on the map

One of the vastest maps has to be the one you deal with in Red Dead Redemption 2. It is so vast that the travel option surfaced only in chapter 2 by enhancing Arthur’s lodgings. However, if you take a ride somewhere, set your destination on the map just how you deal with Google maps. The game will guide you through the shortest route with a selected destination as you enable a cinematic camera and tour hands-free. `

Keep the weapons clean

Over the game’s course, you will pick all kinds of weapons. Of course, you will also shoot with them numerous times unless you are a saint who refrains from killing. Keep in mind that the guns will get dirty, and when they do, you cannot load them fast; besides, they will also be less accurate. To clean the weapons, open the weapon wheel, highlight the weapon and inspect it using the right stick. This step will help you see the weapons’ condition. We say clean it without delays!


Savor each minute you spend playing Red Dead Redemption 2. Do not rush through the game’s storyline and skip the stranger missions just to save on time. Instead, go camping under a starlit sky, visit saloons in the dead of night and ride to the map’s four corners, atop your horse, enabling the cinematic camera. We hope you liked our tips and will have an epic game in the days to come.


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