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Gaming is one of those things that’s pretty amazing because when you think about it, everybody wants to game; whether you’re a casual gamer, or you’re an enthusiast gamer, there’s a large market for us.

Nothing is more adventurous than playing games on Sony PS4. Its popularity needs no words for gamers. Isn’t it?

Do you know there are some hacks for Ps4 which will bring your gaming experience to the highest end? If you are thinking how…..then reading the article till the end, you will get to know about multiple tips with numerous other information as well. 

Best PS4 Tips and Tricks

Here, is a list of PS4 tricks and tips that will increase your gaming experience, and furthermore, it will increase your winning chances in the game

These are simple yet effective that you must try. Let’s begin:

  • Improve internet speed by changing the numbering in DNS Filed

I know you all face internet issues while playing PS4….That’s very irritating. Isn’t it?

So, we are starting with a hack that will increase your internet speed. The trick is you have to change the counting in the DNS field. In the DNS field, you have to change both primary values as well as a secondary value. So, change your primary value to and secondary value to 

You will feel a considerable change in your internet speed. Many people reported us, that hacks work but we are not sure whether the hack is applicable completely or not. 

  • Get notification when your picked friend come online

The gaming experience further increases when we play with our best friends. Isn’t it? 

We are aware, you are enthusiastic about playing your game with your best friends but sometimes it is not possible…. due to improper communication. So, this is another hack for you.  

Sony has facilitated you with this with a convenient option. To get the notification, you have to visit the settings, and from there open your friend list. Now, you have to select the people. Once you are done with the selection, then you will receive a notification when all those people will appear online. 

  • Log-In without showing being appearing as Online

After reading the above, the next question in your mind will be if anyone selects you-  by the previously stated method then how can I hide and maintain my privacy. Right…….

Well, read it carefully…we are about to tell. Simply, visit your profile and click on the online status and choose your profile to appear offline

Moreover, if you want that anyone should not be notified from your get-go then select the options button and choose “Log In With Online Status” (which appears Offline).

  • Easy Play with Voice Commands

Now, Let’s talk about gameplay and tricks to win the game. 

Play effectively and conveniently with the voice command feature. Along with voice command, you also get the text-to-speech feature that you can use for the same. 

There are numerous voice commands options that will flourish you within the game. Explore them, you will definitely admire them…

  • Explore your PS Vita like a Spare DualShock Controller

If you are running short and looking for the best alternative then PS Vita will definitely work for you. No doubt, it will take a little of your time and also you will take time to become friendly with it. But once it’s done, you will definitely like it. 

  • For Greater Convenience, access to remote play

Suppose, for some reason if you are not able to use your PS4 then what you will do? You will not be able to use any of the above-hack so, is the master hack. 

If you a stunning internet networks in your area then this hack is really helpful to you. Your PlayStation has a feature called Remote Play that allows you to access your gameplay on any of your favorite devices such as laptop, PS Vita, phone, or anything else in this similar line. 

  • Accumulate all your free games with a PS+ Subscription

Have you deleted multiple games from your list because you don’t want to pay for them? We all do this….Agree?

Here, is the solution…Simply, sign in to the PlayStation service and the benefit is on its way…

When you sign in, then you will a free games list. You don’t need to download it, just ‘buy’ it for free and hold it in the download queue. You are ready for the budget-friendly gaming experience. 

  • For maximum support avail of the HDMI Device Feature

Every hack is unique in itself and another on the list is the HDMI Device feature. This feature will greatly help you to link your PS4 with other devices. 

PS4 hacks
PS4 hacks

Simply, turn your PS4 and the device link will also tack on your TV and it will automatically bring an HDMI channel for your ease.  Do try this feature and let us know in the comment section your opinion. 

  • To have a customized gaming experience, change your Controller

Are you the one who prefers the PC over the gaming console? If yes..Stay tuned. To get an excellent option. 

PlayStation 4 console itself provides you an option through which you can completely remap your controller input. Isn’t it is worthy? For doing so, simply go to the settings and change every option possibly “want is available in the bays of your hand”.

  •  Plan and Schedule your Updates and Downloads

For a regular amazing, gaming experience, you have to perform updates regularly. But this cost our time and effort. Moreover, you can ignore it. What if your update is scheduled automatically and put your Ps4  in the rest mode.

  • Enable Share Play and Enjoy your Friends play

By reading the above, you will definitely get an idea of what we are about to talk. This is a unique feature that allows you to spectate your other friend’s gameplay. Even if your game allows the local co-op play, then you can play together. 

But you have to keep in mind that you can do share play with only one player at a time and it is applicable for a session of only 60 minutes. Then the share play will be disconnected. To enjoy this feature, you must have a PlayStation Plus membership that the only requirement. 

  • Switch App Quickly:

Suppose, you are watching your favorite show on youtube, and your friend offers you to play with him. In between your video, you started playing with him, and once you are done with the gameplay

Do you want to gig start from where you left then what you will do? Here, this option works for you. Just double-tap on the PS button, you will be back to your last-used app. Isn’t it desirable? Share your opinion with us. 

You can do all this. Apart from this, if you love to play pokemon go, here are few hacks and tricks that let you win each and every game you play. 

Working Pokemon Go Hack & Tricks to Win Every Game

Is it possible to hack PlayStation 4?

Well, to be genuine, it is a complicated task and highly complex. You can do it with only high-end knowledge unless or until you don’t have any cheat codes in the game. Moreover, in online multiplayer games such as shooters, you should have a hacked console. 

Still, if want to hack it then packet editing proxies are the most realistic way to aside from the modded controllers. This is the only easy way to hack the games on PS4.   

Is it feasible to run unsigned code on the PS4?

It is quite difficult, as any relevant code that runs on a PS4 has its own signature that needs to be verified before the execution. Moreover, it is not easy to alter the codes that are running on the platform which is currently very complex. 

PS4 hacks
PS4 hacks

If anyone is offering you hacks and methods then it is trying to mislead you. Even Sony is so confident about the security measures that they have kept the rewards if anyone finds flaws in the PS network or PS4. 

In the next section, you will know about the rewards that are being offered by Sony. So, it is not easy. 

What is Jailbreaking in PS4?

Jailbreaking in PS4 means removing the restrictions imposed by Sony on the PS4. It allows you to add further new games on the PS4. Moreover, you can also discard mods from the USB by this technique.

Thinking about how you can take the backup of your games? Then this technique also helps you to do. By this, you can take the back up of your games in the PS4-HDD or External HDD-3.0.

For more user involvement, it allows you to have loads of fun. 

How can we hack PS4?

There are various ways hacks through which you can hack the PS4. There are various ways that you can use to hack PS4

A method called “Brazillian Hack” that will help you to in hacking PS4. Here, is a video that will support you in this: 

Rewards for Hacking Sony PS4:

It’s good news for you. If you successfully find any bug in the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Network then Sony will reward you. Sony has declared its own bounty program for the PlayStation 4. 

You will be rewarded by Sony with $50,000 if you manage to find any dangerous susceptible which is not founded or discovered yet in the PlayStation 4 whereas if you find any significant susceptibility in the PlayStation network then you will be rewarded with $3,000. 

Sony said: PlayStation may at its discretion accept submissions on earlier versions of system software on a case-by-case basis.”

After introducing PS5, Sony said: “We are inviting the security research community, gamers, and anyone else to test the security of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Network,”.

So, if you want to grab these awards then try to find any significant issue in PS4 or PlayStation network. 

Is it Legal?

According to the DMCA, it is not legal to hack PS4. You can hack the PS4 with a device as a “Jailbreaking”. Moreover, there are various methods such as Brazillian through which you can hack it but it is not straightforward to hack, no matter these techniques are available to you. 

Final Thought

In this article, we have mentioned a very detailed view of the PS4. Moreover, the article includes tricks and tips that will increase your gaming experience. We have tried to cover all the necessary details, still, you want to know anything about it then write to us in the comment section. We will definitely help you.

For any other support, connect with us by reference section. We will assist you. 


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