Project Free TV & Its Alternative Streaming Sites and VPN Security

The world has become online and the entertainment is effortless to stream online using some apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu as well as some of the most popular online streaming websites like Project free TV. You might be wondering, why we only mentioned “Project free TV”, then let me tell you that it has some popular stuff which you can watch for free.

Project free TV is so popular

Well, Project free TV isn’t the only platform to stream your favorite TV shows and movies. There are other free streaming sites available which allow streaming TV shows online so that you can enjoy content whenever you wish. You don’t need to watch every episode of your favorite as per the schedule on the TV. Let’s check out the list of some best free streaming websites and VPN security!

 “Top Streaming TV Sites”

project free TV

1) Tubi TV:

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is the king of new and selected movies which give the service for free like the popular streaming sire-project free TV, and it is also legal. The operator maintains the plenty of strong contents which makes the user connect with this server every time they want the entertainment. You will get the best movies of Paramount Pictures, MGM, Lighthouse, Lions Gate and many others.

You get the service from this sites is free of cost which doesn’t need any registration process. You will directly get the highlights and your last history view whenever you open this website.



Crackle is also the best streaming site like Project free TV where you get the latest update of TV shows only you need to do a simple registration which drives through the free content access. This streaming is officially owned by the Sony Company which is the benefit for the entire viewer that they will get all the Sony-owned films, TV program/series and all the other stuff related to Sony owned. This Sony plus point is not available in any other websites in our list which provide all the Sony stuff.

Whenever you stream any movie from this site then you need no, worry because there are many movies which have the copyright from the Sony, these movies are available in the limited countries which will inform you while you are streaming one of the Sony movie form this site.

In Crackle you also get that stuff of movies that are unedited and uncut versions. I guess there isn’t no Crackle option available on project free TV.



Likewise, Project free TV, Popcorn Flix is one of the best free streaming sites which gives you all the content ads because screen Media ventures own it. I always prefer project free TV, but sometimes it doesn’t work, then I use this site. You get the massive database of movies, drama series and multiples categories, along with the public domain offering include the PopcornFlix contents in original. PopcornFlix is the presence of old website named Popcorn which was also the same streaming sites and arguably illegal for streaming content, such as this sites also says that they are legal. So you need the best VPN to stream any movie from this site.



Snag films provide the 5000 plus free movies, TV shows, Entertainment videos and many more which includes new and old film videos. If you are looking for the perfect site for streaming, then snag film the excellent location to stream your documentary and independent cinema to catch up. Otherwise project free TV is the great platform I guess.



A globalize videos on demand service is available only at the Viewster which has the best High Quality in Switzerland. These stream sites provide the vast range of Anime movies and drama series which attract millions of users. There are other categories of films which are updated daily bases, and all these treasure is stream without any sign up on your computer or Smartphone apps or other consoles.

Here you get all the content with the legally licensed and this content are directly owned by the owner, this has happened when the viewers have purchased the license from every giant material. This steaming site has made its legal process so loud that every user can get the legal streaming videos. The permit is legally purchased from country to country because of differences between the business agreements just like the project free TV streaming service.



Cartoon network is one of the best cartoon platforms which not only loved by the children, but adults are also interested in watching Pokémon’s, Digimon, Beyblade and many other programs have been popular all around the world from the cartoon network plat foam. You get the 100% entertainment with the legal license that gives you the vast database of anime world and all time cartoon such as tom and jerry only at Cartoon network. This website is owned by the fantastic world of Gumball which means that you will get the best from this site. So, this will give you the complete project free TV like experience while using.



The Internet Archive is also the favorite streaming sites similar to project free TV which work on a public domain, in this way streamer get the free videos to watch or download 100%.  This site is the archive of complete movies, documents, anime, TV dramas, Commercials recorded and video games clips.

There are some countries where this site is blocked especially in Malaysia, but there are six ways in the article where you can get the method to unblock the restricted sites in the Internet Archive. In the article you will get the way back machine which helps you to unlock the sites while doing this method to save on video collections in the archive, it will save in the digital library such as images, books, movies, software, and text.



Open culture is the stream free movies and shot films sites owned by Dan Colman the Stanford University associate dean & director. The main concept to register this site is about the education and free cultural media live on the internet where people get the knowledge where ever they want from this site.  Here in this site, you will get the audiobooks, Certificate courses, eBooks, online courses, Language lessons and textbooks free of cost. This is the best way to spread the education and knowledge of the world and make every single student knowledgeable. It is not like project free TV, but you can get good education stuff there.


Classic cinema online is the best online streaming sites for the old classic movies which people did not get from everywhere, even you will also get the silent films and other features movie related to this topic are all available in this site. Those who know old is gold then this sites is the best present for all time. Classic cinema is the magic of old memories which you can recall from your favorite movies and be a lover of classics old time.  It is just like the candy shop of old days where your pure soul gets the sweet and happy like the Project free TV.


Free movies are also in the top ten lists because this site has the permission from the companies, authors, production house, movies by the host streaming media. All the categories are updated through public domain which includes the Vimeo and Youtube movies. Because of this embedded various sources the video player embedded from video to video.

Whenever you want to stream from this site then you should keep in mind that there is no need of signup or registration because it is a free stream for any type of videos. You can also get the video in HD quality with the best digital sound that makes a user more connected with this site and has the choices of different genres.

These are the best streaming sites which have the legal registration in the different aspect of the streaming world and project free TV for the entire streamer to get the safe and perfect stream videos of their own categories. Personally, I regularly use project free TV to watch my favorite TV show that could not able to watch as per the TV timing.

If you are using any streaming sites from the above list or project free TV then let us know how your experience with the site is and also provide some new knowledge that is not mentioned in the detail of that site, comment us in the comment box.

“Best VPN for streaming TV sites”

Best VPN for streaming TV sites

VPN is very important whenever you entered the streaming sites there is no project free TV at the time VPN works because these sites are open source and have no legal registration, developer updates the data based with no purchased data and anyone can trespass in to your system through streaming sites while you are in to one of them. It is very important that you have to secure your personal data from the threats, so VPN plays the vital role to protect your data. Well, if you are using project free TV, then I guess you don’t need to use any type of VPN service.

We have collected some of the best VPN that can help you to secure your personal data from the threats.

1) Express VPN:

This VPN is at the top of the list because it has the highest ranking due to the best performance and high security when it comes to streaming sites. This VPN is super fast for all project free TV like services. It has the powerful encryption which is very useful for HD streaming. You will get the best 24/7 live chat service support.

Rating: 9.8 (Rating is as per download and operates result)

You can have the free trial with all streaming sites which has the high threats, this works perfectly. Get a full purchase version if you don’t get what you want from this VPN then you will get the money back within 30days guarantee. It is super fast access to Netflix and ultimate P2P/torrent. This VPN works on Firefox, Chrome, and Safari web browsers. More than 90 countries are connected with this VPN.


IPVANISH VPN is one of the fastest and reliable VPN which has the most secure VPN services. If you are familiar with the Kodi, Amazon Fire TV sticks and ROKU then you should know about the IP VANISH VPN. This service work 24/7 with live chat support. It has very fast access with Netflix and you will get 7 days money back guarantee which means that if you have any doubt while using this VPN then you can easily get your money back.  It has the ultimate P2P/ tormenting with more than 60 countries around the world

Rating: 9.3 (Rating is as per download and operates result)

3) Nord VPN:

Nord is in the third position which doesn’t mean it has the low function but only for the rating purpose. It has the fast speeds with strong privacy and security features that make this VPN little bit different from other VPN, so that’s why some like these features and some doesn’t like it. You will also get the Malware protection with this VPN and get the help with live chat support 24/7. You can even get the fast access to Netflix and if you do not like the purchased version then your payment will be transfer to you through provided information within 30 days.  More than 55 countries are connected with this VPN through Chrome and fire extension. But, no need if you are using project free TV.

Rating: 9.2 (Rating is as per download and operates result)

4) Cyber Ghost:

Cyber Ghost is in the fourth position with the fast VPN service; it has the advanced privacy functions which work perfectly. You also get the malware protection with this VPN and the company resolves all the issue and maintains their service through live chat. You can also access very fast to Netflix and also the money back guarantee within 30 days.  This VPN is connected throughout 55 plus countries which is a good response for the developer. Even some project free TV streamers are suggesting this service.

Rating: 9.1 (Rating is as per download and operates result)


Vype is one of the best performance tools when it comes to the streaming sites; it has the good connection speed with the NAT firewall which gives the extra bonus security to the users.  One of the best functions you will get from this VPN is censorship blocks. Need help with this VPN question to live chat support. You also get the fast access to Netflix and proprietary encryption protocol. This VPN is one of the best VPN which has been used by more than 60 countries and also has the good rating.

Rating: 9.0 (Rating is as per download and operates result)

6) Private VPN:

Private VPN has the features of robust privacy and strong performance. It has a strict zero logs policy. You get all the information live from the chat support. This VPN is also the good choice due to its strong security program and fast access to Netflix. You get the ultimate P2P/tormenting and is connected with more than 55 countries.

Rating: 8.8 (Rating is as per download and operates result)


The name Hide my Ass is suggested for those who are in real need of VPN and don’t know the name, so search this name and get the positive results. This VPN has established the most extensive range of server in locations and perform the fast access function to Netflix. You can get the entire question related to this VPN from the live chat room. This VPN works on Chrome and Firefox with more than 190 countries.

Rating: 8.6 (Rating is as per download and operates result)

8) Strong VPN:

Strong VPN was not good in performance before but now the developer has change all the security portion that makes this VPN into top ten categories. Now this VPN is an effective tool for secure the personal data while streaming the videos and make the job perfectly with all aspects. You get the access to Netflix with this VPN and ultimate P2P/Tormenting, and you can use this VPN in more than 25 countries the entire list you get from its official website. So, you are still not started project free TV?

Rating: 8.4 (Rating is as per download and operates result)


Safer VPN is in the ninth position on top ten lists; it gives the good speed for every streaming video and has improved the security and privacy shield to the next level. You also get the protection from the public Wi-Fi which connects automatically. Any question is answered from the live chat room. With this VPN you can easily access Netflix and it is operated on chrome extension within 30+ countries.

Rating: 8.2 (Rating is as per download and operates result)


Tunnel Bear is on the tenth position which does not mean that this VPN has a low security, it is best for those who are first to use VPN because of its simple to understand features make anyone understand it’s VPN services. It has the extra encryption mode which is also the attractive function and you also get the email support. As for the Netflix then you can access it and also the chrome extension with more than 20 countries.

Rating: 7.4 (Rating is as per download and operates result)

These are the best VPN which makes you’re streaming secure and save your personal information, if you are using one from this list then let us know how it is working in the comment box.

If you have any issue with the streaming sites, so comment us and let us support you with the solution of your problem with best-streaming sites. In this way, you can easily enter the project free TV world.


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