PC Games Must Return to the Classics

Thanks to the Internet, there is never a shortage of choices for PC video games. You can find anything under the sun and so much more than you ever expected. But there is a hard truth that so many of today’s top video game players may be entirely unaware of – the classic era for PC games, the era of Atari and ColecoVision, has already passed.

What we need is a return to the golden era. And why do we want to go back even when so many advances have been made in the graphics and the complexity of play? Because the originals had something that has been lost since that special time. In a word, the new games are simply not as much fun.

That’s the biggest difference between then and now. Now, the PC Games are impressive. They are intricate and realistic. They are certainly engaging, and they bring many people together. They are a wonderful world to visit.

But Atari games still beat them head to head when it comes to pure fun. No matter how primitive those early Atari titles look, they are a great way to spend a few hours when you want to clear your mind and recharge your own batteries.

Is Pac Man the Ultimate Video Game?

Games like Donkey Kong and Space Invaders have a special place in the hearts of those who live through that era as children. Either they had their own Atari or were lucky enough to know someone who did. That was important because the games were more fun when people gathered around and took turns playing. That’s what made it feel like visiting an arcade – another remnant from the golden age that must return.

All of the original classics were soon replaced by games with better graphics. Some, like Dragon’s Lair, were wonders to look like. Playing Dragon’s Lair for the first time felt like directing your own animated movie. It felt impossible that such powerful images could be controlled and manipulated.

But after the initial charm of the graphics wore off, it became obvious to all that the game lacked anything below the surface. It was an awesome experience to play the game a few times, but it was not a fun experience. There wasn’t enough there to make it more fun than Pac Man. And that one looked, even when it was new like it had been coded at least 10 years earlier.

Fun is the Name of the Game

The trend of PC video games or PC Games has continued in the tradition of Dragon’s Lair. The games are more and more impressive and less and less fun. Of course, there are great fun games out there. There are also options such as online pokies or other casino games. Those are fun because the thrill of risking real money on the spin of a reel is fun. Just like Space Invaders is fun.

So the question remains. Is Fortnight as much fun as Donkey Kong? The answer is a definite maybe. It depends on what you compare it to. It is certainly more fun than so many of the more elaborate games out there, and Fortnight can get pretty elaborate in the multi-player mode.

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But for the kids playing Fortnight as though it were a new religion that promises paradise for those who master the game, there is really not a legitimate basis of comparison. They don’t know the classics and never heard of Atari, except as some old system that has long since been replaced by something brighter and better.

But if they played some of the games they would know – video games never got more fun than they did in that early, primitive era.

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