Our Favorite Video Game Anti-Heroes

There’s certainly something comforting about the traditional hero. Whether that’s a knight in shining armor, a man with a six-pack in spandex, or a Viking warrior. We’re familiar with these heroic ideals and some of us really like them. Some of us on the other hand, prefer our heroes to have a certain je ne sais quoi. Anti-heroes are what some of us are looking for, characters with heroic storylines and something just a little ‘off’ about them. If you’re looking to enjoy a classic anti-hero character progression then you should check out these brilliant video games.


If you’re looking for a game that absolutely hits the antihero nail on the head, then it doesn’t get more antihero than, well, Antihero. This is undoubtedly one of the best mobile games to play at the moment. The game was put out as a solo production by Tim Conkling and allows you to play as a sneaky and mysterious Victorian thief. Your morals are questionable, your heroic qualities almost non-existent, but you certainly know how to make a quick buck. Sneaking around in the dimly lit side streets of the Victorian underworld, you’ll have to keep your wits about you in order to end up on top.

The game actively encourages lying, stealing, blackmailing, and even assassination in order to ensure that your character rises to the top. When you mix in the fact that you’re playing in a massively multiplayer mobile game, things can get wonderfully nasty. Use all of your cunning to play out your most dastardly plots against unsuspecting victims. You might not think that you’d enjoy playing as a thief, saboteur, assassin, or thug, but as soon as you get a taste for the bad life, we bet you won’t look back.

The Green Knight

We’re so used to the image of the white knight, that a green one immediately seems more intriguing.

PlaynGo is one of the main providers to some of the best Arabic online casinos out there. This company is trusted in the iGaming sphere and the pedigree of the websites their games can be found on speaks for itself. They offer hundreds of different games, but the one that we’re interested in today is The Green Knight. With an eerily glowing suit of armor covered in moss and lichen, a slit-visored helmet complete with twig-like antlers, The Green Knight is not the sort of knight that we’re used to from fairytales. We often think of a knight in shining armor riding in on a white horse, but a man with a strange green halo around him and sticks in his helmet, maybe not? The rest of the reels only add to the strangeness of the hero. A beastly black horse with thorns in his mane and glowing green eyes, an icy blue axe that appears to buzz with electricity. Even the theme tune is panicked and unsettling.

This game is one for those who prefer their knights with a little more edge and backstory, exactly the sort of slot game that would attract the ‘other’ crowd. If you’re looking to play then as mentioned before it is an incredibly popular game that’s present on plenty of casino websites. Arabian Betting provides a rundown of exactly what to expect on the sites that offer this game. Look out for sign-up deals to make sure your time with the Green Knight lasts as long as possible.

Max Payne

Whilst the characters from the previous two games have always been their own brand of anti-hero, Max Payne has a different story. At the beginning of the game, we know him as a straight man, who is happy in his job working for the New York Police Department. He throws himself into his work, adores his family, and generally leads a fulfilling life. However, this all changes when his family is brutally murdered. After such a catastrophic event it is only to be expected that this happy-go-lucky character changes somewhat, but the anti-hero we see materialize is better than anyone could have expected.

Playing as the new and bitter Max Payne is an experience that is equal parts chilling and hilarious. Max becomes a vigilante, seeking justice for crimes that have nothing to do with him. As you navigate the world as Max, you’re made privy to his inner thoughts. He is a sarcastic and cold character inside his head and just as cynical with his actions. If ever there was a case of a good guy gone bad, then Max Payne is the perfect example of it.


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