What is Nfc Tag Reader? How To Use It

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. NFC helps device to communicate wireless each other if you are near the device. NFC scans can read data from electronic tags attached to physical items used by iOS applications running on supported devices.

Apple’s biggest update is iOS 14. Now all Apple mobile phones can choose to download iOS 14. iOS features exceed expectations. They have many functions such as

 home screen app icon changes, app library, app widgets and clips, and users can enjoy iOS 14. App editing is one of the innovative additions to iOS 14 and it will have a long-term impact, especially in reality. Editing applications has completely changed the way we use applications. NFC tags dominate clip discovery in the app.

All iPhone users have already used the nfc tag reader. NFC (Near Field Communication) helps to use a nearby iPhone to transfer data or complete operations. Now, the paired device can also read or use the information on the electronic tag. Now, NFC users can easily make their purchases , activate locks, open doors, and visually interact with any NFC-compatible device.

What is NFC ?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. NFC helps device to communicate wireless each other if you are near the device. NFC scans can read data from electronic tags attached to physical items used by iOS applications running on supported devices. NFC is a reliable alternative to QR codes. For example, you can use your smartphone or smartwatch to make a payment or get a boarding pass.

This feature has been extended, in the latest model to include the ability to open doors, get information from tags, and of course pay for over-the-counter stuff. This feature has been enhanced in iOS 14 available on iPhone 6S and above, making it much easier for users to read NFC tags by adding the option of quick access to Control Center.

Radio Frequency identification and NFC works similar. But the range of NFC is shorter, the NFC range is 4 inches, which makes difficult to monitor or scan. Many android device has NFC but apple has NFC tag reader after the update of iOS 14.

How to add NFC tag reader to the iPhone control center

  • Open your apple device make sure you have iOS 14 version on your device
  • Now go to setting
  • In that go to control center
  • Scroll down till you see the option NFC tag readerand tap on +
  • Now your NFC tag reader is there on your control center

The  NFC tag reader option can be added to the control center from iPhone 7 to iPhone X. In XR, XS and later versions, since the background tag reading function is automatically activated when you carry these updates, it is not necessary add this button next to an iPhone with an NFC tag.

How to use NFC tag reader in iOS 14

Open the iPhone Control Center. To access, tap the NFC tag reader. Then bring the iPhone close to a valid NFC tag to scan the content.

App Clips is another important feature of iOS 14. It improves the functionality of the NFC tag reader, allowing you to use the services of the product without downloading the full application.

 App Clips works with the Apple Pay service, which means that users can now access NFC tags and make payments without having to provide credit card details.

Which iPhones have the NFC Tag Reader

Now, there is some confusion in the community around NFC tag readers. Some users find they have it in their control center, while others find they don’t. Is this how it happens?

This issues is because of  difference is the iPhone model. Newer models of iPhones with passive NFC readers aren’t in the Control Center because they don’t require NFC tag readers. A passive NFC reader means your smartphone can read NFC tags in the background, and you don’t have to do anything other than keep your smartphone nearby. Here’s an iPhone with a passive NFC reader:

iPhone XR

iPhone XS, XS Max

iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max

iPhone SE (2020 generation)

No Manual NFC Reader iPhone X and earlier models that support NFC have an NFC Tag Reader in Control Center as soon as they are updated to iOS 14. These models include:

iPhone X

iPhone 8, 8 Plus

iPhone 7, 7 Plus

The iPhone 6 and 6s have a NFC chip, however they can just utilize NFC installments and can’t peruse NFC labels. In this manner, it has a place with all old iPhone classes. Therefore, it belongs to all old iPhone categories. That is, there is no NFC tag reader and you cannot use NFC to search for clips in your app. The only option they have available is to use a QR code.


The NFC tag reader is one of the most convenient features of iOS14, and is now accessible directly from your iPhone’s Control Center. iOS14 helps users download these app “clips” instead of the entire package for specific features or one-time use. Apple says, App clips are a good way for users to quickly access and experience providing an app. App clips are a small part of an app that you can search for the moment you need it. Clips are fast. Light and easy for users to open.

Suppose you don’t drive into the city often, but you want to pay for parking while driving. You are late, but now you have to download a specific parking app, enter all your credit card information, receive a confirmation email, not to mention your license plate information, etc. App Clips can process payments through Apple Pay, eliminating one of the steps and avoiding waiting for the entire App to be installed.

You will only have access to the “park and pay” section of the app, and you can start using it. Everything can be activated via an NFC tag reader, put your phone near the parking lot, and you are done. You can even rent a bicycle, sign up for a beautiful new coffee machine, or even quickly find a PDF guide for that damn IKEA cabinet and access video tutorials on your phone. Guys, you don’t need to download the full application.

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