How to write like a copywriter

Copywriters are responsible for writing a massive portion of the content which you read both online as well as in print. Examples of what copywriters are used to penning include ads, website copy, press releases and blog posts for major brands. Copywriters are included as some of the highest-paid writers globally. In order to become a proficient as well as profitable copy expert, you’ll need to invest time and energy in studying the craft.

Whether you’re a professional writer yourself or a marketer who is tasked with penning powerful, content which is effective, it is necessary for you to write like a pro in order to get the job done. And while it’s true that copywriting is a different type of writing than what you may be used to, you can improve your writing by borrowing a number of tools from the toolkit that copywriters use.

Research ‘til you’re blue in the face

The larger the amounts of research which you do, the more information that you have available to work with when you sit down in order to write your copy. All professional copywriters commend the virtues of good amounts of research.

Here’s what do you need to research in order to write like a pro:

  • Your target audience’s pains, requirements, desires, demographics as well as values
  • The product’s features, advantages, and the deep benefits that people will get from buying that product
  • The company’s mission, values, style, brand story in addition to the unique selling proposition
  • What the competitors are doing as well as how well it works

Always aim for clarity

It is necessary to be very clear with yourself regarding the overall theme as well as message of the piece. This is so that you don’t get sidetracked. Be very clear in the manner in which you write. Choose the best words and follow the best logical order so that your audience never becomes confused.

Professional copywriters realise that effective copywriting is ultimately salesmanship in print. Being clever distracts prospects from the message or story. This functions to draw their attention to you in its place which is exactly the opposite of what good copywriting should be doing. Remember that confused as well as distracted prospects don’t buy.

Practise your craft

Writing is a skill. It can be likened to learning how to play an instrument because both of these activities require regular in addition to dedicated practice. In the same way that you build muscle memory in your fingers while you play the piano, writing on a daily basis is responsible for building your writing “muscle” so that you can write faster as well as easier with more creativity.

 Throw the hard sell out the window

An essential component of effective content marketing, in addition to copywriting, seduction works much better as opposed to hard selling. This is because seduction is flattering and draws us in. This is as opposed to hard-selling which raises our hackles and puts everyone on edge.

One of the greatest mistakes which content marketers can make is the exact opposite of seduction. In other words, they talk only about themselves and in the process alienate who they want to be talking to.

So, in order to seduce your reader, your copy has to be all about your audience. Here is a list of the five tasks which you must accomplish in order to create seductive copy:

  1. Make a good case for prospects to give you their attention with a headline which capitalises on their emotions, in other words their desires, frustrations, or fears.
  2. Convince your prospects to read your message. Be interesting in addition to offering value if they’ll give you just a few minutes of their time.
  3. Convince them that your offer will respond to their requirements. Make them see that it will satisfy their desires or alleviate their frustrations or (alternatively) fears.
  4. Convince your prospects that the asking price is fair or, alternatively, a bargain by showing the value of what your offer.
  5. Convince your prospects to take action immediately by facilitating the process.

Repeat the copywriting pieces that have worked for you. So many great advertisements have been pulled from circulation before they’ve started to pay off. Readership can actually grow with repetition — in actual fact up to five repetitions. Find a formula which works for you as well as your audience. Continue to go back to it as often as you can.

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