How to Unarchive Gmail Message on your PC and Mobile

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If you think, it is a hectic task and will take your hours…then you haven’t read our article. You can unarchive Gmail messages in just a few clicks. For doing so, be with us until the end. 

How to Unarchive Gmail Message on your Mac or PC

It is super easy to extract your Gmail on your PC. Just by a few clicks, you will be done. Here, is a complete step-by-guide to help and unarchive your Gmail message easily. 

How to unarchive gmail

  1. Login to your Gmail id
Login to your Gmail id
Login to your Gmail id

2. Click on all mail option from the left menu

all mail option
all mail option

3. Find the email and open it which you had archived by mistake

How to Unarchive Gmail
How to Unarchive Gmail

4. Click on move to inbox

How to Unarchive Gmail
How to Unarchive Gmail

You are done. 

If still, you face any problem then comment below. We will definitely help you with the issue you are facing.

I know, you are thinking what if we want to unarchive the email from the mobile device. Don’t worry..we will solve this problem as well. 

How to Unarchive your messages in Gmail on your mobile device:

We have also listed detailed guides for you so that you can easily dearchive your emails on your mobile. 

To do so, follow these steps

  • Similarly, as above- Open your Gmail account and login into your account. 
  • Once your done, in the upper left corner tap on the menu icon of your screen. 
  • A dialogue box will appear as shown in the image and search for the “All Mails.” 
How to Unarchive Gmail
How to Unarchive Gmail
  • From this, the menu selects the message that you want to unarchive.
How to Unarchive Gmail
How to Unarchive Gmail
  • After that, a dialogue box will appear, from there search for the Move to Inbox option. 
How to Unarchive Gmail
How to Unarchive Gmail
  • Now, check your inbox, your dearchived message will appear in your mail inbox.

Congrats…you are done. 

You have archived your messages but are you aware of the word Archive? or what is the meaning of the Archive in Gmail. 

You must know it….you have completed the whole procedure and know-how to unarchive the archived messages without knowing for what purpose Archive is used.

What is Email Archiving?

It is a process by which you protect and preserve your message without deleting them. In this way, you can protect your all inbound and outbound emails which you can access later on when you need them. 

Moreover, you can archive those emails as well that has attachments and metadata. For example, you received mail from Shalini, you can’t delete it- you may need it and nor want to keep it in your inbox. Then the best option is to archive Shalini mail

In this, there will be no requirement to delete the mail and nor it will be in your inbox. All your purposes are solved through the archive option. Isn’t it?

What is the purpose of the Archiving?

Do you want to clean up your Gmail inbox without deleting your emails? Don’t know what to do…How to do…

All this can be done with the help of Archive. If you want to do so, you can use this.. means you can archive your messages. All your messages will be transferred to the “All Mails” option. 

Furthermore, if someone replies to it then it will again come back in your inbox. Isn’t it a simple and secure way for your emails? What do you say? Do tell us in the comment section. 

How to Delete a Gmail Account?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to find archived emails in Gmail?

Ans. You will find your archived emails in the “All Mails” option. Simply visit the all mails option. You will get this option where you see your sent mails. 

Q2. What is the purpose of archiving the mail in Gmail?

Ans. If you want to polish your Gmail without deleting your messages then it is the best way for you. All your messages will be transferred to the “All Mail” option. 

If someone replies to you then your archived message will appear in the inbox but if you need it you can also manually search your mail in the “All Mails” option. 

Q3. Do archived emails take space in Gmail?

Ans. Yes…all your archived messages take space in your device memory. These messages are counted in the memory section. 

Q4. Where do all the archived emails go?

Ans. All your archived messages are stored in the “All Mails” option. You can search for your archived mail in this section.

Final Thought

Here, we have listed a detailed step-by-step guide to help you unarchived your emails. I have talked about both dearchiving through PC and mobile devices. 

Still, there is any hindrance and you are not able to do so then write to us in the note section. We will definitely help you to do so. 


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