How to play music through mic windows 10

You may think does it possible to play music through mic, but unfortunateyly yes can you play music through mic. While playing games, you may want to play music through the microphone, or you may want to run voice applications on Windows 10 such as youtubers, streaming, and other sound effects.

If you have also participated in online courses, lectures, or discord lectures, you may have noticed that some users can use their microphones while playing music. You have to change some setting to achieve the same effect as this is not possible in the default Windows settings.

So let’s see how you can play music through mic

Use Stereo Mixer on Windows 10

Use Stereo Mixer which is there on your system before using third-party software or programs. With or without mic connected, Stereo mix has the ability to play music. This means that when you talk through a microphone, the stereo mix is ​​in the system, and you can play it. Method is as follows.

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  • There is a volume icon in the lower right corner of Windows 10, select it. Now select the sound and open the settings
  • Now in setting you will see option Recording tab press it
  • Now when you right click on empty Space you will see to option Show disabled devices and Show disconnect device
  • Click on Show disabled devices
  • If your sound card supports a stereo mixer, it will now appear in the Recording tab. If you don’t see your stereo mixer, you can use one of the following third-party utilities
  • Now on stereo mixer right click and choose enable option

Use Third party app for play music through mic in window 10

You would think that a hardware audio mixer requires a large investment, but no more investment is needed now, because there are many applications that can play music through a microphone in Windows 10. We have listed some third-party applications.

Select according to your requirements. First, check the general steps on how to use third-party apps to play music through microphone in window 10.

  • Now download any one soundboard application which we will mentioned down
  • Now install the app
  • After install complete the setup process
  • Now connect the app with microphone
  • Now search the control panel
  • Now press on Hardware & Sound
  • Then in sound press on manage audio device
  • Now move to recording tab ( by going to volume icon, select sound and open setting)
  • Now scroll down till you get Stereo Mix option and enable that
  • Choose Set as Default Device, by right clicking  then hit the OK button
  • Now add music or sound effect to app which you have Installed and like to play through mic
  • Now enjoy your music through mic

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Third party app


This audio processing application provides many solutions to change the sound. From aliens to robots, babies, normal rapids, clones and Atari games, male, female, radio, all these effects can be used in this software. This app can be use both you can use free and can use premiumfeatures with paid one.


MorphVox has many useful features and is another voice application. There is a free version and a paid version. MorphVox makes it easy to play various sound effects and music through a mic. The free version works perfectly, but you can still use the paid version to get the most out of this app.

When you choose paid one you may get features like text to speech, and voice changer.

VoiceMeeter + Soundboard (free)

This is one of the most commonly used applications for playing music through a microphone. It includes a great user interface and allows users to set up their PC soundboard with shortcuts for playing music. This is one of the best features that VoiceMeeter has to offer.

  • Download Voicemeeter app and soundboard according to your system
  • To open the taskManagerAnd moveOn to the startup tab by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc
  • In order to change the status into enable find both Voicemeeter app and soundboard
  • After that, you need to use both the input and output of VoiceMeeter and set the input to be the same as the output of Soundboard
  • Make sure you select your speaker as the output and Mice as hardwareoutput

Soundpad (Paid)

Here are the Soundpads on our list. It may take a few bucks to render this voice application service, but it’s worth it because there are a lot of them on Soundpad. This application can be downloaded from Steam. The UI of the application is great. Shortcuts can be set for easy access to playlists.

You can also use this application to create playlists. Key combinations such as Ctrl + Enter are very useful to use to find a song. But before investing in this application, make sure you can run the free version of the software to see if it fits your requirements perfectly.

Rust Voice Changer & Soundboard (Free)

With this software, you can generate wired and humorous sounds through a microphone. Rust Soundboard has a collection of these types of sounds. Starting with squeaks, metal screws, door sounds, spring loads, etc.-you can find various deformations in the app.

It also offers a great user experience that is extremely easy to use. From time to time you need to keep updates to get new and additional features.

If you unable to play music through my microphone

There are two reasons if your device is not playing music through mic Your microphone is disabled or too low in the Windows 10 privacy settings.

  • Change Privacy setting of windows 10 Microphone
  • Press shortcut key Windows+Ito go to setting app.
  • Now click on search bar and type mic then it will give many option choose Microphone Privacy Settings
  • Now you will see option of change below microphone access for this device is off click on it
  • Now just on the tab
  • Now turn on the toggle for ‘Allow apps to access your microphone’ as well.
  • Now your device can play music through mic
  • Microphone level

Windows does not raise the microphone level by default. This may cause some low quality microphones to not pick up the audio at all. However, this can be fixed simply by raising the level of the microphone.

  • Speaker icon >sound > Recoding > Right click the desired microphone and select the properties > level option
  • Now you will se Microphone boost in that increase the value and test your mic
  • Now your Problem is solve and mic is working perfectly
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