How to Market Your Law Firm Locally

Marketing is an essential part of success for every business, including law firms. Every type of law firm faces its own challenges. As a small, local law firm, your challenges are a bit different than larger ones. One of the biggest challenges faced by smaller law offices is a smaller budget. Here are a few strategies to market your law firm locally to help you bring in new clients and increase your success.

Build a Great Website To Market Your Law Firm

These days, having a website is a must. After all, most people turn to the internet when they need to find something. Just about every law firm has a website though, it’s not enough just to have one anymore. You have to have a great one. This helps you to rank higher in search results.

A big part of your website is SEO or search engine optimization. Keywords are an important part of SEO. These are the words that potential clients use to find you. It’s important that you research keywords and integrate them into your site. You should also make sure that you focus on the local aspect. For example, if you are a DUI lawyer located in San Antonio, you should integrate “San Antonio DUI lawyer” and similar terms into your site. Just be careful that you don’t overuse keywords, as this can actually lead to penalties.

Other things to keep in mind when it comes to building a great website include ensuring that it’s fast, that it’s optimized for mobile users, that it’s secure, and that it’s error free.

These days, having a website is a must. After all, most people turn to the internet when they need to find something. Just about every law firm has a website though, it’s not enough just to have one anymore. You have to have a great one which can be proceeded just by best web hosting providers. This helps you to rank higher in search results.

Write Relevant, Valuable Content

Having a blog with relevant, valuable content is a great way to engage your clients and provide them with answers to the questions they’re searching for. Blogs are also another great way to integrate keywords into your website to help increase your rankings in the results page. Brainstorm a few topics around your areas of expertise and use these topics to create helpful articles that will provide potential clients with the information they’re looking for.

McKremie is a well-known lawyer SEO company and they mention on their website, “When done correctly SEO is hard work. If you want to get traffic from Google there are no shortcuts these days.”

Complete a “Google My Business” Account

Your Google My Business, or GMB, page is the one that appears on the map results for local searches. It shows not just your name, but your phone number, address, and exact location on the map. It also shows information about your law firm and photos. These are the results that most potential clients will use. Make sure that you fill out your GMB page completely. Include a keyword-rich description about your business that includes the specific services you provide, upload photos of your law firm, and include a link to your website.

Get Listed in the Top Legal Directories

In addition to your GMB page, you should also look to get listed in other directories. Places to get listed include Yelp, Avvo, Findlaw, and Justia. Make sure that your name, address, and phone number are consistent across all of these pages and that you aren’t creating duplicate listings.

Link Building

Link building is a strategy that involves linking within your own website as well as links from other websites to your own. This particular strategy is an important one for SEO and ranking higher in search results. Links within your website can be made from a blog article to a specific page within your website. External links could be those from other local websites. You can gain local links by offering scholarships or internships at local colleges or by sponsoring local events.

Get on Social Media

A vast majority of people are on some form of social media. Creating a strong social media presence can be incredibly helpful. Don’t’ just stick to one social media platform, though. Have a presence on several sites, including Facebook and Twitter. Make sure that you are active on these sites. Post regular updates and use these platforms to interact with your followers. This can be incredibly helpful in increasing your influence and showing your clients that you really care.

Email Marketing

An important part of marketing for small law firms is email marketing. It’s an incredibly affordable tactic that helps you to connect with potential clients. At the very least, you should be sending a monthly newsletter. You should also make sure that you’re working on building your email list.

Get Reviews

Reviews from existing clients can be an excellent way to market your law firm. When deciding what local law firm to use, most potential clients will go straight to the reviews. There are several areas where reviews can be posted, including Google and Yelp. Good reviews are essential for growing your reputation and showing yourself as a trustworthy firm.

Gaining a strong presence and building relationships with clients takes both time and effort. When you implement a marketing strategy, make sure that you have a system in place to monitor the results so you know what’s working and what needs to be worked on. With a successful marketing strategy, you will begin to gain loyal clients who will also help you to grow.


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