How to Improve Download Speed?

When it comes to downloading speed, all of us want a blazing-fast experience that the best internet service providers offer, but sadly, not every service provider is able to deliver on their commitment. 

It is highly frustrating to cope with slow and poor connections, particularly when we are downloading our favorite movie, the most hyped-up game, or the software we are excited to learn and use.

We all have the need to download something somewhere and if our internet speed is slow at that moment, it wastes your time and you just want to punch a wall. Before you injure yourself, we are listing down a number of tips and tricks that you can try separately or together to get rid of all obstacles that are slowing down your important downloads. You can try these tricks every now and then with the device and router to boost up download speed.

Run a Speed Test

When the downloading speed does not move an inch without you driving you into frustration and anger, try running a speed test on your device to get an idea about your actual speed.

Internet speed tests help you better understand how much data is being transferred to your device per second by which you can decide better if it is the right time to start downloading or you should wait.

Restart Computer

So many times, there are a number of hidden programs running behind your computer screen that slow down the internet speed during download. Before you attempt to start downloading an important file, restart the computer so that there would be no underlying program sucking up all the juice from the internet.

“One at a time” Rule

Always make sure that you are not downloading multiple files at the same time and every file is being downloaded one after the other. This would focus all data transferring per minute on a single file rather than distributing it to multiple files in a row.

Disconnect Extra Devices

In order to achieve maximum speed and connectivity, disconnect all the devices like smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, or any other that you are not using at the time. Even when you are not using your gadgets, if they are left connected to the internet, they consume your internet to some extent. You may not realize it, but even the smallest consumption can have a significant impact on your download speed.

Re-Locate the Router

If you think your device is too far from the internet router, either re-locate your gadget or the router. This is because physical objects or the distance from the device obstructs signals from your router. The ideal solution would be to place the router at a central location of your home so that all devices can easily benefit from the signal strength.

Scanning for Viruses

Scan your device for susceptible virus attacks that may cause underlying problems by creeping in the background and cause the system to slow down. It is not necessary that every malware or virus shows itself clearly and visually impact the performance of the machine.

There are many viruses that intrude on your systems and harm different aspects of your computer or laptop including internet speeds and numerous other aspects.

Clean Up Cookies and Cache

Maintain your device by clearing up cache and unwanted cookies, which get stored when you surf  the internet from site to site. This will make the apps run faster and pages load faster than before.

Upgrade Your Package

You may even want to consider upgrading your existing internet package. Your internet service provider likely offers different levels of services, each with its own unique perks and benefits. If you think you need more power in terms of download speed, it is probably time to call your internet service provider.


In case of continuous connectivity issues, it is advised to check the cable that is connected to the router and your computer. A number of times, broken or damaged cables cause an interruption in transferring data and you can solve all the inconvenience just by changing a cable.

Switch Your Internet Service Provider

If all else fails, there is always an option to opt for the fastest internet in the US. You may want to switch your internet service provider and select someone that actually delivers on its promises. Browse through the market pick a service provider that is suitable for your unique internet needs.


Everyone wants a high-speed internet connection that downloads the heaviest files in the blink of an eye, but sometimes it is not just about the connection and service provider but also about how we are tackling the devices. Not to mention how we are maintaining them to work together. The above tips and tricks not only help boost up the download speed of your heavy files but they will also help maintain the devices at their best.


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