How to Customize Mobile Phone Covers?

Are you thinking of customizing your mobile cover? How mobile cases are customized? What is the process? Why customize phone cases are so popular? We have all the answers. Stay Tuned!

Printing mobile phone covers is a way to convey your image to others. This format started in the year 2012 with the preface of Sublimation Phone Case Printing Technology. Before this, Mobile skin printing as standard. However, this did not go as expected and had a low shelf life. The skin peels off easily and the user has to apply it manually after wear and tears. All issues were subsided after Sublimation Printing and UV printing on phone cases.

This article mentions two different ways of mobile printing techniques: The sublimation process and the UV printing process. Both these processes are important methods followed by many countries like India. Both have different advantages and disadvantages. Read for more info:

Sublimation Photo Printing Method on Phone Covers:

It is the most common method for photo prints. It has two sub-process:

Firstly, the photo printed on the phone case is shifted to a white sheet. Sublimation ink is filled in typical inkjet printers. The transfer sheet is the photocarrier whose job is to print the photograph on the object applied, hence known as the transfer sheet. When heated at high inversion the transfer sheet leaves the paper and sticks to the object.

After the image is transferred to the sheet, the next step is to get this on the mobile case. This step needs proper concentration. The printed paper is fixed firmly to the sublimation phone cover with heat-resistant tape (1 Cm wide yellow tape) with a jig or a metallic mold that holds the plastic phone case. It is then heated with a vacuum press machine which activates the transfer. Mould ensures the safety of phone case while heating if we skip this, it might lead to capitulating of mobile cover.

Sublimation cases are built of hardened plastic. It has two benefits:

  • Print is permanent and does not chip.
  • It looks attractive due to the wraparound print.

You need to mention your phone model and choose a photograph that you want on your mobile phone case. Rest leave it to!

Ultraviolet Printing Phone Case:

It is the second most popular way of mobile cover printing. It is the easiest one. Just put mobile covers inside the UV printing machine and cover it with UV light. The UV light burns the ink at exact spots dispersing the inkjet inks for picture embedding.

This machine is efficient in printing all types of cases like soft plastic, hard cases, flip covers, TPU cases, etc. There are two major benefits:

  • UV printing can be imprinted on any medium. Contrary Sublimation printing takes place only on Sublimation hardened cases.
  • No metallic case is needed for smartphones. Just fix the phone on a tray and print it, simple.

This printing is not permanent. It is apt for daily prints. Also, this process does not cover the sides of the cases.

Why Personalizing phone cases are a good option?

Personalized mobile phones are fancy accessories that have taken youth by storm. They are the finest and flawless pieces to speak about yourself. It is user-friendly and a marvelous way to portray your taste and persona.

How does the Mobile Cover printing photo and text look so cool?

It has not emerged gradually since the last few years it has paced the market globally. Custom mobile phone covers are beautified with spesh initials, photos, and fonts to protect your phone with style. These are done with great care so that it looks, designer. Hence, it is better to get one online for tons of options.

Top Features of Customized Mobile Printing:

Permanent Printing: They are crafted on good quality solid plastic covers with the best inks that do not fade away.

Standards Button and Ports Access: This asset is the top benefit that allows you to access your phone seamlessly. The covers are created according to the phone model, so you are free to scroll via buttons and ports.

Edge to Edge prints: With people using UV printing methods, your phone cover gets easily faded and leaves edges that are not so appealing. Your phone cover sides must be printed end to end for a better view.

Quality Product/ Light Weight: Only rigid cases are cast-off for printing mobile covers. Also, the holders are light in weight to better handling. We do not compromise on security and protection.


With, you can go for Sublimation hardened cases that are permanent and fancy. You can choose soft phone cases too if you wish to. There will be no compromise on print quality and durability. Both of these are customizable as per your taste. You can personalize back covers with fonts, initials, photos, or specific designs. So, what are you waiting for?

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