Your 2020’s Guide on How to Appear Offline on Discord with Pictures

Here’s your latest guide on how to appear offline on Discord in 2020. If you are looking for a different experience on Discord, this guide may help you try it out.

How to Appear Offline on Discord

Types of Status

When you use Discord, you will find there are four types of status on it: Online, Idle, DND- Do Not Disturb, Invisible.

Online: The first and default type of status is Online. It is shown as a green dot next to your Discord username, just like it used to be on Facebook. 

Idle: This is the status that shows up automatically next to your name when you remain away from the keyboard for almost 5 minutes. This inactivity shows your AFK status to your friends in a yellow dot. 

Do Not Disturb: When you don’t want to be bothered by others, you can manually set this status for letting others know you are not available for chat. It shows up as a red dot. 

Invisible: If you manually set this status, it shows others that you are offline while you still can check Discord.

Steps to Invisible Status

How to Appear Offline on Discord on Desktop

How to appear offline on Discord
If you are using Discord on the desktop, here’s a simple step to change your status from online to invisible. In the bottom left corner of Discord you see your profile picture, click on it. A menu appears asking you to set status. Choose the “Invisible” status from the menu. All good now.

How to Appear Offline on Discord on Mobile

Your 2020’s Guide on How to Appear Offline on Discord
While you are using mobile Discord, you will see a
three-row/ hamburger icon on the upper left corner. Then click on the bottom right side where your profile picture appears. 

Tap on the Set Status option from the menu and select “Invisible” from the list. You will appear offline to everyone now.

Yeah, we understand that almost all of you (Ohkk, Many of you) are unaware of Discord, but that shouldn’t discourage you while reading the article and that’s why we are here to tell you everything from definition to types, method, steps etc. And I hope, you will love this “How to appear offline on Discord” guide.

So what is Discord? Well, Discord is an American VoIP platform that allows users to communicate with each other through voice calls and text messages. You can also send various types of media files in private chats as well as communities. These communities are called “Servers“. You can video call anybody with the app. 

Usually, Discord is associated with the gamers. The features that are offered on it is the reason behind it being the first choice of gamers. It can be used by them to stream their gameplay to their friends. You can use it as a chatting app too. 

Everyone can use Discord as per their will. There’s one additional feature on Discord that shows your online/offline status to others. It’s normal to keep your status online on regular days, but sometimes you need to focus on your work or want some peace from the quarrel.

Although logging out is an option, that means missing out on some essential activities that happen inside the server you follow. That’s where the option of invisible status is useful. You appear offline to others but still, check the Discord.

How to Go Live on Discord

Since Discord is an excellent place to chat or enjoy various communities called “servers,” we also know that streaming is allowed to the users. You can stream anything through the platform.

However, you can only stream by using the desktop app of Discord or Chrome browser client if you want to watch anything on it. Without the desktop app, watching a stream is not possible. 

You can use it to stream various content. You can share a screen through it. It can be used to stream videos and video calls.

Well, we also know that the user can stream gameplay with friends. Discord allows you to share the computer’s entire screen, window, or anything from an application. 

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First, you have to download the desktop client of Discord. Open the app, and select the server where you intend to do a live stream. Now, open the game you want to stream live on that server. Usually, Discord automatically recognizes the game.

If it does, you are asked to click on the “Go Live” option. You can spot that button on the bottom left side of the username and Discord avatar. 

If you find that Discord hasn’t recognized the game, click on the “Change” option from the Go Live menu. Below that, there is another option of the voice channel. See if it’s selected. Then click on “Go Live” again.

how to appear offline on Discord

Once streaming has started, you can see a small stream preview in the corner of your screen. There is a gear icon that features Stream Settings. You get to change the quality of content you are streaming, frame rate, and others. 

Discord Nitro is provided to the users looking for a superior frame rate of 60FPS and 1080p video quality.  You have to sign up for that service, and it will be almost $10 a month. 

Still, Many people don’t know how to watch someone’s stream. Well, it’s simple. If anyone you are following on Discord is streaming live, you can see their name on the voice channel. A red-dot will appear next to their username on that voice channel. That means they live. To watch it, you have to move the mouse on their name and click the “Join Stream” option.  

Discord has integrated with streaming giant Twitch. That’s why it operates more like an instant messaging platform, not a streaming platform. It will not compete for streaming. However, due to the COVID-19 lockdown, Discord has increased its streaming limit. Now up to 50 people can join the Go Live stream. It’s suitable for small streamers.

Final Word

Just follow the above guide to change the discord status as per your will. The option to go invisible is a good one. You can focus on your essential task at hand or study for tests, while still checking occasionally into the server that you are part of for any critical updates. We hope you know now how to appear offline on Discord.

If you have any queries regarding Discord, we can cover it for you in upcoming articles, drop them in the comments below. Don’t forget to follow us for regular Tech stuff.  


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