Host With The Most: Alternative Ideas For A Virtual Birthday

During lockdown, keeping connected, staying social and finding ways to remain entertained arepart of the struggles we face due to the restrictions in place, aside from seeing loved ones of course. At the beginning of the first lockdown, many of us took to hosting and our own quiz nights with questions ranging from films to music, general knowledge to riddles.However, what started out as a fun and unique way to keep us entertained and connected, quickly became a dreaded activity that many no longer wanted to participate in.

There are many ways to celebrate your birthday from holidays, to parties, meals to adventure days, spa trips and concerts – all of which consist of spending time with people we love. However, in 2020 and 2021, most had to celebrate their birthday in a lockdown, meaning they were unable to spend it doing something they enjoy or with the people they love.

With friends trying to organise virtual parties to celebrate birthdays, the search for alternative games to play has increased, as the dread for participating in quizzes still remains. Although, if a games night birthday is not something that sounds appealing to you or the birthday person, then here’s a diverse selection of alternative activities which you and your friends can do to virtually celebrate the special day.

It’s Five O’clock Somewhere

Bring happy hour home with hosting your own mixologist class! On the market currently, there is a vast selection of cocktail kits that you can purchase and send them to your friends so that you can all create the same drink together. Alternatively, each person can select a cocktail to make using the drink ingredients they already have in their cupboards.

However, it does not have to be cocktails that is the centre of your at home happy hour. You and your friends can host your own wine tasting nights, pre-selecting which bottle and type beforehand, then providing a rating of which your favourite is.

For the non-wine drinkers, perhaps a beer tasting event in which, like the wine, select which brands prior. Another option is testing beers from around the world, selecting one or two countries for the group or individually and finding them in time for the next call.

Bring The Casino To You

Dress up, dress down, virtual casino nights are a unique way to celebrate your birthday with friends, with the added bonus of potentially earning a bit of money. Removing the hustle and bustle of an actual casino, online casinos allow you and your friends to continue with conversations whilst you play.

With a sea of online casinos available, finding the perfect one for your virtual birthday celebrations has been made possible, thanks to Online Casinos. Looking at all the online casinos available, they have collected together the top ones available so that you don’t have to. To find the online casino which will suit you and your party best, click here.

This relaxed way of playing enables you and your friends the opportunity to try different types of casino games, in particular ones you may not have played had you visited an actual casino. Additionally, you can all play different games simultaneously without having to be separated from one another.

The Show Must Go On

With theatres, arenas and cinemas all being closed due to the pandemic, recreating the experience at home has become a new way for friends to socialise during these uncertain times. Fortunately, there has an increase with the number of apps and streaming services which offer users the ability to watch shows and films together at the same time.Whilst this just allows you and your friends to watch a show or film at the same time, to feel that little more connected, set up your phone to a group video call so you can talk and share your thoughts as you all watch together.

With countless shows and films being added to streaming services on an almost daily basis, there are endless choices to choose from. From horrors to musicals, romance to comedy, true-life to sci-fi, there’s a genre for everyone. As such the only real issue you might face, is deciding which one to watch!

Getting Crafty

One of the many hobbies many of us took up during the lockdown, was that of arts and crafts. Whether it was redecorating parts of the house which had been delayed for month and months, knitting, sewing and crocheting gifts, drawing or painting prints to hang up in the house or even building your own outside bar – the amount of free time we had encouraged many of us to get creative.

As such, one way you can celebrate your birthday is through a crafts night. The birthday person can select what it is they want to do, whether it is painting pots or building Lego, and it can be a fun activity to do as a group. If you are stuck on things to create, like the cocktail kits, there are a number of craft kits to choose from that you can send to the group.

Although if you want to make it a surprise for both the birthday person and the rest of the group, ask everyone joining to not open the kits until the day of the celebration. It adds to the anticipation and also is something else that you can all experience together.

Pass Over The Responsibility

If you struggle for ideas on to how to host the perfect virtual party, there are a number of paid for services, such as murder mystery events and comedy nights. Why not arrange for you and your friends to partake in something a little different, like a virtual escape room. Whilst it can be a onetime thing, it will be a fun and unique way to spend time with friends doing something that you did and enjoyed doing pre-covid. Additionally, it makes for a memorable birthday that fortunately does not involve a Zoom quiz.

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