Google Meet Grid View Fix: The Perfect Solution

They developed a grid view, but due to customer review, we found that many of the issues facing the Google Meet grid view cannot function properly.

Today, online meetings, online courses, or online courses have become common due to the new corona epidemic. Therefore, there are many applications that allow you to take online courses, conference courses, etc. Google meet is one of them. It is a videoconference in which users can hold meetings, courses, etc. In this type of application, for example, many users use Google meet and Zoom, so the application here should have a grid view during a video conference. But before there was no such option, and now Google Chrome has solved this problem.

In the top right corner of the meeting, they added a grid view button next to the chat participant list. In this grid view feature, you will see that all the participants’ videos are the same size. They also have many new features for effective meetings. Now users can include their own videos there, the people who are speaking in the meeting will be highlighted and the participants with videos will be hidden. In a large meeting, if you accept the grid view, each participant’s video will load, which can cause some performance issues.

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They developed a grid view, but due to customer review, we found that many of the issues facing the Google Meet grid view cannot function properly.

To solve this problem we have listed dome solutions here for you

  • Check Whether the Extension Is Installed Successfully

The main reason for the problem with Google Grid is that it may not have a suitable extension available for download. So you need to check whether you have installed the extension correctly. So, go to Google Chrome and check if you have properly installed the extension

  • From your device, go to Chrome.
  • There you will see three dots and there are many tools to choose from among the selected extensions.
  • Now check if there is a Google Meet Grid View option in the extension . If you don’t see this option, please try to download it.
  • Check whether you have update your extension or not

Whenever the new version runs out of extensions, the old version starts to have problems. Therefore, you must verify whether you need to update to the latest version to resolve your issue. So you need to delete the old version first, and then install the latest

But if you don’t know how to install, we are here to help you

  • So first is the Google meeting, and now the meeting screen is on the screen. On the right side of the screen, you will see grid options next to the chat options.
  • You will see that there is a new version of the extension, so click on it and now you will be on a new page. You can download the latest version until you get the official release option, scroll down and click the link to download the new icon.
  • Now you The old version of the extension must be deleted, so go to the Google Chrome extension page. Now you can start your Google meeting, you have no problem

How you can Fix the Google Grid

Google has banned most of the Meet extensions, including “Google Meet Grid View Fix”. So these plugins don’t work anymore (most of the time), and the only option seems to be Google’s original tile view. Google has merged the “tile” layout, which is intended to replace the Goole Meet Grid View (Fix) extension.

Enable Tiled View in Google Method

Use Tiled view layout here are the guide:

  • On your device, open Google Meeting
  • Join or create a meeting to ensure that you are alone in this meeting
  • At the bottom of the screen, you will see 3 dots, click the
  • You will see the option to change the layout
  • You will have many options in the layout options, such as auto, mosaic, focus, sidebar, etc. Users, but they have restrictions on participants. The restrictions depend on the device. For example, if you have a small screen, you will only have 8 participants, and if you have a larger screen PC, iPad, etc., you will have 49 participants..
  • In Meet for Android or iOS, up to 4 people can be displayed on one screen at a time. So, you need to touch the meeting screen to navigate and display additional participants. This will show individuals who have not previously been screened.

How to Use Google Meet Grid View (Fix) Extension?

Now there is no more Grid View use in Google meet if you try to download no more will be there.

The main problem with extensions is that Google doesn’t develop them independently. Instead, Google is unaware of the various changes that Meet has made as third parties are developing this extension.

Because of the many changes to Google’s code over the past few months, it has been difficult to keep extensions consistent with GoogleMeet’s frequent updates. So, if you are having trouble using Grid View with Google Meet, we recommend that you uninstall the old extension and install the new GoogleMeet Grid View extension. To use this extension:

  • Visit the extension page ( go to play store search Grid view for the google meet) there you will be see option of Add to chrome
  • Now you will se option of Add extension button click on it
  • Extensions are displayed under Other Extensions in the upper-right corner of the screen after installation.
  • To start using the grid layout on your screen, start GoogleMeet and join the meeting. Click the grid button in the upper-right corner of the meeting screen, or select the checkbox next to the option to use the cursor-based grid view.


If you have problems with Google Meet after converting to a tiled layout, such as stopping a video, you can try a few fixes. Start by closing all open program windows or Internet tabs, then try turning the camera off or reducing the number of tiles displayed in the layout. You can use latest Google Meet Grid extension If the tile’s method doesn’t work.

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