Firefox To Hit The Streets

It will not be long before the web browser Firefox is available to phone users. While it is set to be released for Nokia’s N900 phone to start, it will quickly spread to other handsets.

This is just the next step forward with cell phones as the open-source browser will give users the ability to synchronize with the desktop version. As a result, any web pages open in your desktop browser will automatically open with your cell phone.

Instead of walking away from the computer and stopping in your tracks, you can continue where you left off straight from the cell phone. In addition, it also encrypts all of the information and sends it back from your desktop to the mobile device.

You will be able to download the browser from the Mozilla website and in Nokia’s Ovi store. The organization is also working on developing versions for Microsoft’s Windows Mobile and Google’s Android operating system. Just know that it will be quite some time before iPhone users can take advantage of this.

Firefox has exploded of late with the latest version overtaking Internet Explorer 7 as the World’s most popular browser with 21.93% of the market. Because of this, there are high hopes for what the mobile version will bring to the table.

Fennec has been developing for over a year and a half now to bring users everything they could hope for. The new software will offer users many of the features that are found on the desktop version like tabbed browsing and an address bar that is also a search box. The mobile version will also scale pages to fit your phone. There will also be add-ons that can enhance the overall experience. In all, there is much anticipation for the highly regarded release of Firefox for mobile devices.


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