How to Make a Facebook Post Shareable to Increase Popularity

Is it about creating a new post or editing an existing post? Step by Step Guide will help you to do settings in such a way that "Anyone can share your post on their timeline, groups or pages".

Do you use Facebook? Well, almost one billion people are on that social networking platform. One common question that often gets thrown around forums is how to make a Facebook post shareable to get the expected popularity. This year Facebook turned 16. Every day thousands of new people from all over the world are connected to the platform.

If you are a person who wants to get ahead of the curve and use social media for increasing the outreach of your brand, business, or services, you can’t ignore Facebook. If you use it correctly, it can give incredible results. However, most people get the basics wrong. They don’t know how to make a Facebook shareable that keeps their growth abysmal. 

If you have started a small cake shop in your town, you don’t want to keep it limited to your family and friends on Facebook. If you are a smart baker, you will be hoping to spread the word about your new venture to everyone in your town. And it doesn’t cost money to share posts on Facebook(at least yet!).

How to Make a Facebook Post Shareable – Why it is Necessary For Business

If you are not using social media properly, you waste time or don’t get the expected results. If you use Facebook, you need to create a ‘post’ to share any idea, thought, or anything with the audience.

By default, Facebook’s privacy is set to ‘Friends,’ which means people added to your profile only can read it. 

However, what if your neighbor’s relative, who isn’t added to your profile, reads about your cool cake shop? Your neighbor will tell you about it to others if he can share that post of yours. Facebook has the power to make a post go so viral that it reaches almost every corner of the globe. But it would be best if you used it correctly.

Guide on How to Make a Facebook Post Shareable 

Method 1: Create New Shareable Posts

How to make a Facebook post shareable
The first method is to start making posts that are shareable by anyone on the platform. This first method is an easy step. First, open Facebook on your computer or mobile app.

You’ll notice a big text box that contains this phrase: “What’s on your mind?” Below that, your name appears, and below your name, two drop-down names can be seen. The first menu is: “Friends,” and the second is: “Album.” 

Please select the first menu. Three options are commonly there: Public, Friends, and Only Me. You can also customize who can or can’t see the post from your profile, but that applies to Friends only posts. So, set the privacy of it to the Public. Now, you can post any text, video, or image with visibility to everyone. 

Once your content type is selected, click on “Share,” and you are all set. Since your post is Public, anyone can view and share it. This step hopefully gives a boost to your outreach. 

Method 2: Changing Privacy of Older Posts

Not all hope is lost if you are determined to increase the visibility of your posts. You can still make your older posts shareable with this simple method. 

How to make a Facebook post shareable

Since Facebook doesn’t allow you to change the privacy of all your previous posts automatically, you have to go the manual way. First, locate a post that you want to change your privacy, click on the three-dot row (•••), or the ellipsis icon next to it. It opens an option to “Edit Post” click on it. A drop-down menu, “Friends,” appears just like it appeared in the first method. 

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Click on it and pick “Public.” On the upper-right side, you see a “Save” option, click on it, and change the post’s privacy. You can do this with any post you want.

Final Word

Facebook can do wonders if you know how to use it correctly. Social media is already getting bad publicity due to the addiction it is causing. However, as an entrepreneur, you can see it as an opportunity to reach out to your customers or readers. Now that you know how to make a Facebook shareable, we hope that it will give a real boost to your business. If you have any questions, make sure to ask them in the comments. Follow us for more Tech stuff. 


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