Exciting Employee Appreciation Ideas

A large number of companies have a staff recognition programme in place, ranging from bonuses once a year to gift cards and Employee of the Month. But after a period of time, the standard employee appreciation ideas can become boring and uninspiring. You want to incentivise your staff to work hard and be productive, so the recognition should be worthy of this productivity. Using Cezanne’s HR cloud software, this is easily possibly and trackable to maintain transparency with your staff.

In fact, many people cite appreciation and recognition as an incredibly important aspect of their work and happiness in the workplace. 50% of employees state that increased recognition would reduce voluntary turnover and a further 40% of staff who don’t feel as though their contributions are appreciated won’t go beyond their standard duties. So, appreciation of your staff is vital for the business as a whole, as well as for individual happiness. Here are some suggestions for exciting employee appreciation ideas that you can add to your recognition programme.

Lunch on the Company

Recognition doesn’t have to be extravagant to be worthwhile. It also doesn’t always have to come from the top. If you have a peer to peer recognition programme in place, you could enter each employee’s name into a hat each time they’re appreciative of the work their colleagues have done recently. The more kudos they send, the more chance that individual has of their name being chosen. At the end of each week, you can draw two names out of the hat and let them enjoy a meal on behalf of the company.

Social Proof

Don’t be scared to take your recognition of employees further than just within the company. It can be a great surprise to find that your company has gone public with their appreciation of your work. Take to your company’s social channels, whether it’s Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter, to recognise the hard work that someone has done in the company – you can highlight who they are, the team they work in and what they’ve done to help the business with its goals and ambitions.

Birthday Celebrations

One of the easiest ways of appreciating what the staff in your company do for the business is to give them an additional day off on their birthday. Everyone deserves some time to relax and unwind away from work and what better day to enjoy that than their birthday.

Off-Site Day

It’s not always an individual that needs to be rewarded but an entire team. So, a great way of rewarding a whole department for the work they do is to take the entire team off site for the day where they can work elsewhere and enjoy a change of scenery. From a local café to the nearby library or anywhere with Wi-Fi, you’ll be surprised by how much it can boost morale and productivity just to work from somewhere else for a change.

Thank You Notes

Handwritten notes haven’t lost their charm, particularly in today’s digital age, so leave an employee a handwritten sticky note to say thank you for something they’ve done and leave it on their desk so they can come into work the next day to a love, meaningful surprise.


A fun way of keeping morale high is by having a fun trophy, such as a stuffed animal, that is kept at the office and can be given to a different employee each week who has shown extreme dedication that week, worked on an intense project or exemplified one of the business’ values. They can keep it on their desk for that week as a reminder of their hard work and then the following week, another employee can be awarded with it.

Treat Desk

When an employee has gone home for the day, leave some chocolate or sweets on their desk, or buy their favourite snack, and leave it for them to find the next day when they come into work. It will provide them with a lovely boost the following morning and get their day off to a great start.

Wall of Fame

The classic wall of fame is a great way of identifying people who have worked hard and celebrating their achievements for everyone in the company to see. You can snap a photo of their accomplishments or of them hard at work, adding it to a wall that will wind up being a collage of staff contributing to the company’s goals.


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