Easy Hard Drive Recovery
Easy Hard Drive Recovery

Deleted files by mistake…..what to do? First of all, don’t panic, if you deleted something important on your PC permanently.

Then there is a way for you to recover these deleted files & folders. Want to know how? Well, you can find out about the complete procedure from below:

How to recover Permanent Deleted files & folders?

Gone those days when recovering deleted files was a hectic task for a non-techy. If the files & folders are not deleted permanently then you have chance to find them using the file explorer, Windows backup, & system restore.

However, what will you do if the files are deleted permanently? Well, you’ll try to recover them using some recovery software. However, the recovery task might become a bit hectic & time-consuming.

So, in this post, I will provide easy hard drive recovery methods using FonePaw Data Recovery. However, before proceeding, make sure to download & install FonePaw recovery software in your Windows PC.

Steps to recover permanently deleted files using FonePaw recovery software

  1. Open the software after installing it successfully on your PC. Select the type of files that you want to recover, the original location of the deleted file & click on scan.
  2. If the file is deleted in recent days then you can do the quick scan to recover the files. However, if it isn’t then it’ll be a bit difficult for you to recover files using a quick scan.
  3. Now, if you’re unable to recover the permanently deleted files using a quick scan then the only option you’re left with you is Deep Scan. It will scan the hard disk of your PC more deeply. However, this procedure may consume several hours as compared to the quick scan. So, make sure to run the software until the scan is finished. Click Deep Scan to scan the Windows hard disk more thoroughly for the deleted files. This could take hours. So just keep the program running until the scan is finished.
  4. Now, that you’ve recovered the deleted files, it’s time for you the save them. Well, you can save them in the external drive, Digital camera, SD card. Choose the location & save the recovered data for later access.

Frequently Asked Questions | Easy Hard Drive Recovery

Q – I have an older version of Windows. Can I recover files using this easy hard drive recovery software?

A – Yes, Indeed. In fact, it is compatible with Microsoft windows version 7/8/10.

Q – What type of deleted files I can recover?

A – You can recover deleted word, excel, ppt, pdf along with multimedia files.

Q – Can I use FonePaw software to recover files from my Android Smartphone?

A – Yes, you can. In fact, it allows you to restore deleted files from Mac computer, Android & iOS smartphone.

Q – Is it possible for me to recover files without using this software?

A – Yes, it’s possible using the file explorer, Recycle bin & Windows backup. However, in case of a recycle bin you can’t recover files that you’ve deleted from your bin & for recovering using windows backup, you must enable backup & restore from the control panel.

Q – Is it possible for me to recover files that were deleted a year ago?

A – Yes, but on a condition. If the deleted data isn’t overwritten by new data, there is a chance for you to recover the data.

Final Words

That’s all for now. I hope this post helped you in recovering some of your deleted important files & Folder. However, if you’re facing any problem in recovering files then do let me know in the comments section. I will try my best to provide a solution to all of your problems.