Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Has Become a Gaming Sensation

given anime fans with no prior gaming experience a reason to try playing a very special video game. With Kakarot, players get to rediscover the story of Goku to fill in gaps in parts of the story and to assume the role of many Dragon Ball heroes. Bandai Namco has done very well with the development of a game that pays homage to one of the most popular animation stories, and it is no surprise that DBZ Kakarot has generated over 1 billion dollars in profit.

A Main Game That Takes Dozens of Hours to Beat

Kakarot may not be a traditional role-playing game that takes hundreds of hours to complete, but the price to duration ratio is pretty balanced. The main game is pretty long, and if you add the DLC chapters and all the extras, then it will take you weeks to finish the game. As for the mini-games, you will not get something fancy like the stunning roulette one can find at casino.com, but you will get to participate in online card games with players from all over the world. DBZ’s Card Warriors is a game, which players could easily buy if it were a separate game. Fortunately, Bandai Namco decided to treat its customers by adding it to the contents of Kakarot.

Much More Than Just a Game or an Animation

Dragon Ball is not your ordinary anime. It has a huge fan base all over the world, and people of all ages consider it something special. Just a few weeks ago, a video of a teacher using a Dragon Ball rap song to teach maths to students went viral. This was not the first time that this has happened, and it will definitely not be the last time. Dragon Ball has a unique way to connect people of different age groups or backgrounds, and this is why it is one of the most popular attractions in comic con conventions around the world. It is a story of fiction that excites the audiences, and that creates fashion trends.

Good News for Dragon Ball Fans and for Movie Lovers

Dragon Ball is coming back to the cinemas, and this time, it feels like the producers are going to get things right. The new Dragon Ball movie will come to cinemas near you at some point during 2022. Those working on the project have tried their best to keep the story of the movie a secret, but a little bit of information has been leaked for the sake of publicity. According to the rumours, the story will focus on Goku and Vegeta. Piccolo will also have a significant role to play in the new story. As for the villains, apart from the regulars, we may also get to see a new addition to the evil roster. More information about the movie will spread all over the Internet in the months to come.

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