Download and Install Blade and Sorcery mods Effortlessly:

Who doesn’t like alterations in the game as per their convenience? Everyone likes it. But the downloading and installing process always stops us to make us utilize the available mods and changes thereafter installing it. Isn’t it? 

If this, is the case with you, then it will not be anymore with you. The process is super easy and straightforward with our guide. 

Here, is a detailed guide for you so that you can easily download and install the Blade and Sorcery mods. But for this, effortless downloading and installing, you have to be with us till the comment section to get complete information. So, are you ready?

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Let’s get started:

How to install Blade and Sorcery Mod Step by Step Guide:

We have shared every detail even the minute details for your convenience so that you can easily download and install the mods in Blade and Sorcery to make your game more effective. 

Moving ahead with the steps:

  • Discover the Mod:

Firstly, discover the mod. To discover the mod, you have to visit and there you have to search for the Hell and Holy Fire mod in the search box. 

  • Download the Mod:

Once you have found out the Hell and Holy Fire mod, now you have to simply click on the “manual” in order to manually download the mod. When you download the mod manually, then there is no need to go for the premium. Even getting the file for free, you have to click on the “slow download”- it will enable you to get the file for free. 

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  • Click on the Save button:

When you begin downloading, then you have to click on the Save button which will enable you to have control over – where will the file will be created, and you will able to follow the procedure effortlessly.  

  • Open your downloaded File:

Once you are done with downloading then click on the “open folder button” to open it. In case, you don’t find it, then head towards the downloads, right-click on it then click on the open folder option. 

  • Visit back to your Steam:

Make sure, you don’t close the nexus, rather again visit your Steam window and right-click on the “Blade and Sorcery” on your games list, and then press properties. 

  • Head towards Local Files:

After completing all the above steps, visit to the “local files” segment and again click on the “Browse Local Files”.

  • Open Streaming Asset Folder:

Visit the “Blade and Sorcery Data” folder and then click on the “Streaming Asset” option to open it. 

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  • Drop your download file into the streaming asset folder:

If your mod file is not opened yet, then open it again. If it is already open, then drag the downloaded file and drop it into the Hell Fire and Holy Fire mods into your “streaming asset” folder.

  • Click on the go button:

Click on the go and within few minutes all changes will appear in your game. 

You are done with downloading and installing the mod. Now, enjoy your Blades and Sorcery game with all new mods and changes. Do share with us, how’re your experiences and is any change in the look and feel of the game.

Still, you are facing any issue or you are stuck in between any step then give a glance at the below video which will provide you in-depth information to successfully download and install the mod without any hassle. Here, is a video that will work for you:

Is the video is helpful? Does it able to solve your query? Do let us know in the comment section. 


The article is completely based to let you know the exact procedure, to download and install the Blade and Sorcery mods without any hassle. Even, for your convenience, we have shared a video that will remove all your doubts, in case you have any.

Still, you have any doubt after watching the video, then feel free to connect with us. We will give our best to resolve your issue. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where to put Blade and Sorcery mods?

Blade and Sorcery mods are created with official SDK, due to this, you can load them directly into the game. You can even identify them with the help of the manifest.json file which is available at the root of the mod archive. 

You have to simply place the mod in its own folder in Blade and Sorcery then Blade and Sorcery_Data then Streaming Assets and you are done. 

Why are my Blade and Sorcery mods not working?

If your Blade and Sorcery mods are not running properly, then check whether you have accessed the Streaming Assets folder properly. No matter, whether you have used or not, vortex methods for downloading and installing mods, you have to make sure that Vortex has installed the mods into the accurate location. 


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