For Safe Journey adhere to it: Do’s and Don’t During Travelling

Handy tips and travel warnings can make your journey much smoother than any of your journey yet. So we are back to make your travel experience trouble-free and interesting.   

Here, there are lists of tips for Safe Traveling- What you must plan and what you should avoid for your safe and relishing journey. Be with us till the reference section for in-depth knowledge.

Now, Let’s begin with the Do’s during Travel:

Do’s for Comfortable and Safe Journey:

If you don’t want any regrets after your journey then try to acquaint yourself with the below-listed dos. This will not only save your time but also helps you to stand straight in the tough situation in case you come across any obstacle during travel. 

  • Make different copies of Essential Documents:

You can’t comprehend when you might need a copy of your vital documents like Passport, driver’s license, visa, or any other essential document. Make sure you keep hard copies as well as soft copies of documents. 

Never, place all the copies in one place, try to keep them at distinctive places so that in case you lost one then you can take another one. 

  • Travel Insurance:

It is always better to take travel insurance to safeguard your interest in any all the worst cases. It will help you with various mishaps like robbing, any injury, or any other case. 

Do check whether your travel insurance is applicable to the place you are visiting. You can save yourself in this way.

  • Prefer Prior Reservations:

Whether it is your hotel booking, your eateries, or even your transport. Try to book everything vital in advance to reduce last-minute hassle. It will save you from unnecessary hassle.

  • Try to avoid traveling with expensive products:

Only if it is really necessary then only travel with expensive products otherwise try to avoid carrying them. It will only give you tension and your mind will be occupied with negative thoughts. 

  • Check from travel advisories from MEA:

If you are traveling abroad then it is highly recommended you to monitor all the travel advisories from the MEA and adhere to them strictly. In this way, you will get familiarise yourself with the latest changes and additions which will help you in your journey.

  • Keep in touch with your family and friend:

Try to update your family and friend timely. Moreover, keep an extra copy of the insurance policy and overseas details with your dear ones. For timely updates, you can use apps.

  • Take your responsibilities personally:

Consider only your responsibility for your travel choices, finances, safety, and behavior overseas. If you get in any trouble then only you will suffer. So, try to personally check all the things and adhere to the formalities strictly. 

  • Get aware of the Country’s culture:

Before, reaching your destination- try to acquaint yourself with your destination culture. For example, You are going abroad then try to do research on it. There eating habits, greeting vulture, do and don’t in public. These are extremely important for a healthy trip.

Don’t for a Happy and Safe Tour:

Same as Do’s, there are also don’t that you should avoid. You should avoid doing the below-listed activities during your journey. This will save you from trouble and can make your journey as smooth as it can.

Let’s move towards them:

  • Don’t leave your valuables in your hotel room:

If you have carried your valuables to your journey then don’t leave them in your hotel room. People think their valuables are safe actually not. So, try to avoid keeping your valuables in the hotel room.

  • Don’t lend your Passport as a deposit to anyone:

Some travelers are asked to deposit their passports as security for the accommodation. Don’t ever do it. It is illegal and unsafe. Whatever the situation is, don’t give these important documents to anyone.

  • Never Share How much Budget you are carrying:

How much budget you are carrying, only should know it. No one else, you know about your budget. Keep it to yourself. 

  • Don’t use your feet to point anything:

Never use your feet for signaling anything. It is considered rude and has a bad impact on others. So, avoid it.

  • Don’t take photos of others without there permission:

Never take photos of the stranger without their consent. If you do it then there is a possibility that you will have to pay a lot. Moreover, Islamic countries do not permit photographs of religious artifacts.

  • Never book your holidays too early:

Well, we often consider early bird good but not in this case. Try to wait for the deals and discounts that will save your budget a lot. But this is not in the flight case, booking your tickets 3 to 4 months before, will help you to get the cheapest deals. 

  • Don’t Ignore your gestures:

This is one of the most essential things that you should consider in all the cases. If you don’t want to be in trouble then watch your gestures. Even you should research for the country you are visiting and try to inculcate there culture in your behaviour.  

  • Never limit your travel search to only renowned travel portals:

Don’t only limit yourself to big websites and big players. If you do this, then you can miss some of the best deals. So, don’t get rigid and try to explore new but authentic websites. Check other competitors as well to gain a competitive advantage.

  • Don’t Exchange your budget at the Airport:

You will be wondering why not to do this?

Actually, the currency exchanges at the airports offer you the least exchange rates. It is always advisable for you to use an ATM card or currency exchange shops in the market to gain all the benefits. 

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Final Words:

If you rigorously adhere to the above list then so sure your trip will be comfortable and happy. If you want to add something to this, we will add it in our article.

If you need any support then contact us in the remark section.


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