Don’t Visit these destination during Summer holiday season and Winter holiday season

Some destinations are fabulous to visit only and only if you strike them at the right season otherwise you will regret your decision. Likewise, we check the best places to visit in Summer and Winter, there are various places that should not be visited during these seasons.

Well, in this we will be sharing with you the checklist – Go through it and check whether your destination is on this list or not. If yes, then correct your decision and explore your favorite place in the right season to get the full glamour of it. 

Let’s begin with the Summer Holiday Season listing

Places not to stay in the Summer holiday season

No matter how enticing the summer season is…..still there are places that you should circumvent. So here, we have shared a list with you that are extremely popular but should be avoided in the peak summer season. 

Have a look: 

  • Southern Africa

If you want to visit Southern Africa, then the best time to see it is between December to March. Although in our country, the weather will be cold, in Southern Africa, there will be summers. 

Our winters are their summer, and our summers are their winters. The most visited place in Africa is Cape Town. You can’t enjoy it wearing a parka, so avoid visiting Africa during our summer season. So, check according to your location, then plan to visit the country.

  • Agra

Undoubtedly, Agra looks stunning all over the year, but you don’t enjoy it with a waterfall of sweat from your entire body while viewing it. So, it is better to skip visiting Agra during summer and try to diversigy your desire towards any other destination. 

After June, the monsoon season begins in India then also your experience will not be as much as good as it can be in October or November. So, try to visit it in October or November, if you really wish to enjoy it utmost then visit during these months. 

  • Miami

When we want to explore beach time, then Miami is our top priority. Isn’t it? But the fact is warm weather, and the lukewarm water will not be as relishing as you will think. 


No doubt, the view is fantastic but the climatic conditions will hinder your fun. So, try not to visit during the summer. Instead, you can go to Puerto Rico, where you can enjoy attractive beaches with the Caribbean wind.  Along with this, you can explore mountains at the center of the island with local hiking trails.   

  • Seville

Found of Flamenco dances, tapas, and warm sunny days?… Then Seville, mainly Andalucia’s will hook your attention. The Flamenco dances, lip-smashing tapas are the factors that pull people to visit Seville.


Furthermore, the mind striking architecture with Spanish spirit is the most influencing traits. However, to enjoy it fully, you should visit it during the spring or autumn season because in peak summer the temperature rises up to 104 degrees,, resulting in numerous problems.

So, try to visit in the recommended period. 

  • Paris

Only the name of Paris is enough to spark our travel desire? Isn’t it?? Paris is one of the destinations that everyone wants to visit but visiting Paris in summer is not a good plan. 

Even during the mild summer, the destination is crowded with tourists. The hotel prices get skyrocket, horrible museum lines and traveling difficulties are also there. You should explore it, in any other season except summers.    

  • French Riviera

Looking for a crowd-free stay at French Riviera, then you should opt for a less popular season. Actually, summer is so crowded that you will not be able to explore it calmly. Even the resort prices and places line will blur all your charm for the destination. 

Places not to Visit in Winters

Well, instead of sharing you with a particular destination, preferably in this we will share the clubbed destinations that should avoid due to their particular traits. These traits will not help allow you to enjoy your trip thoroughly.

Without any further due, let’s get started with it:

  • Destinations with Unpredictable Weather

All those cities with dubious climatic conditions should be avoided during the winter season. Suppose you plan your trip and expected this weather, due to its notorious nature in winters, weather changes drastically then what you will do?

So, it is advisable to avoid these places. Here is a list of these places:

  • Oklahoma City
  • Minneapolis
  • Cincinnati
  • Indianapolis
  • Rapid City
  • Great Falls
  • Houghton
  • Sioux Falls
  • Fargo 
  • Duluth

If you desired a place in the above list, then cancel your plan and instead shift your schedule for another area.

  • Cities having Extremely Cold Weather

Being a big fan of snow, I personally wish to experience it, but the freezing weather always backsteps me. I know most of you. also have a desire to feel the cold and soft touch of snowballs but the climatic conditions are not easy to afford. 

All those regions having icy weather, should be avoided. The Mediterranean Sea hooks everyone to visit but the conditions are not really good during winters. We recommend you to keep yourself away from the frigid weather.

  • Regions shutting down in Winter

In numerous places, many regions are closed due to the extremely cold season. Actually, a variety of places famous during summer are closed in winters and even some of the unique rides of these seasons are also shut. 

For example: 

In New England, small towns in coastal put forward sailing and numerous-watching sites in summer, but they get closed in Winters. You have to search whether you’re planned place is facing these issues or not. 

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Bottom Lines

I hope this list will help you decide which region you should visit and which not. We know it will be heartbreaking for you if the destination is on this list. 

Don’t get sad; there are numerous places that you can visit during summer and winters. Simply take a deep gasp and rethink where else you want to go. 

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