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Death Note series offers an extensive cast comprising of fictional characters that are extremely popular. The series is designed by Takeshi Obata and produced by Tsugumi Ohba, where Ohba puts his full effort to make the characters alluring and attention-grabbing. 

Every character is unique in itself, possessing attention-grabbing qualities. If are looking to know about each character’s unique abilities and their major competency then be with us until the end. 

Surely, you will be knowing about amazing facts about them. Let’s get started:

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List of Death Note Primary Characters:

Before introducing you to the leading characters of Death Note. Let me share something about Shinigami: 

  • Shinigami

“A ri away from the port, at the end of Merchant’s Lane, was the Flower District. By day, the brothels here were inconspicuous enough to pass for private houses.”

Shinigami is a multifaceted being whose life expectancy increases by killing the human being. To survive, Shinigami has to destroy the life of the human beings. 


Although Shinigami is responsible for killing people, not everyone is killed due to him. Some of them die eventually and Shinigami know or not, it doesn’t matter. So, he can end anybody’s life sooner for his benefit. Shinigami is quite intelligent and has his own written language. 

We received numerous questions regarding him so we started the article with Shinigami and who is ultimately benefited by the human death. We have focused mainly on this. In case, you have any other query then let us know. 

Here, is a list of main characters of Death Note:

  • Light Yagami

“I’m Ridding The World Of Evil And Creating A Utopia. No Matter How Much Time I Have, It Won’t Be Enough.”

Light Yagami is one of the significant protagonists of the series. He found the book and try to use it to kill all the culprits of the world. He is a young school-going boy with light-brown hair and brown eyes that usually wear a school dress if he is not wearing it then he dressed casually. 

light yagami Death note character
Light Yagami

He is considered as a natural genius as he is a hard worker, talented who has high perceptive and great at solving problems. Along with these, he successfully plans the scenarios and his planning works perfectly. Due to these reasons, he is admired by his mates and family members. 

Moreover, he got high appreciation from people thus it results in a high level of conceit in him particularly when he grabbed the book. Beyond this, he has the power to quickly manipulate others. 

  • L Lawliet

“It’s not a sense of justice. Figuring out difficult cases is my hobby. If you measured good and evil deeds by current laws, I would be responsible for many crimes. The same way you all like to solve the mysteries and riddles, or clear video games more quickly. For me too, it’s simply prolonging something I enjoy doing. That’s why I only take cases that pique my interest.”

In the series, it is considered as a world-leading detective who only involves in those cases that ping him. You can even correlate this with the above quote. His dress-sense also matches with the role, as he always wears a white long-sleeved shirt and always shown barefooted in public places. 

L Lawliet death note
L Lawliet

Being a detective, he is having good analytical skills with an immense knowledge of human nature. Despite having a good understanding of human behavior, it doesn’t possess good social skills. But overall, he uses all his abilities in a refined manner, and hence his enemies always flavor defeat. What is your opinion regarding the world-best detective…. Not the real one. Asking about L Lawliet. Let us know. 

  • Ryuk

“ I didn’t choose you. Don’t you see this is all just an accident? YOu actually thought you were chosen because you’re so smart or something? Don’t be so vain. It just happens to fall around here and you just happen to pick it up, and that’s all there is to it.”

Are you aware of who is responsible for providing the book to the Light Yagami? Yes…or…No. 

If no… Read this carefully, you will get the answer in this section. Ryuk is the one is liable for indirectly providing the book to the Light Yagami when he gets annoyed with Shinigami Realm. Moreover, he always shows interest in the Light and tries to find the next move of the Light. 

If you think Light has gained extreme power, no doubt he has but his life is dependent on the Ryuk. Since Ryuk has provided the book to the Light so Ryuk will decide when his life will come to end. What do you think about Ryuk this strategy? Give it a thought and share in the reference section. So, Ryuk is also one of the dangerous personality in the series. 

  • Misa Amane

“ If Light were Kira…awesome. I’ve always been grateful to Kira for punishing the man who killed my parents. If Light was Kira, then I’d like him even more”

Misa Amane is a short, slender, and young woman who is nice as well as cruel. This nature and reaction depend upon the circumstances. Moreover, she is the second Kira who possesses Shinigami Eyes, which allows her to view everyone’s name and his/her lifespan. 

misa amane death note
Misa Amane

But there is a restriction on her as she can’t view the Note owner’s lifespan which creates a mystery for her. Despite all this, she is ambitious and passionate about her career and has performed numerous jobs such as singing, acting, and many more. 

  • Near

“If you can’t win the game, if you can’t solve the puzzle, you’re nothing but a loser.

Near is an intelligent guy, who quickly solves complex problems and even considers himself a detective while solving puzzles. But his appearance doesn’t match with his abilities rather people often mistaken with his outlook and consider him impotent. 


In reality, he is highly observational and considers every minute thing, and easily attaches to the right scenario. Sometimes, he also asks for the other person’s help during the fights. 

Overall, he is a little bit childish but with a clear viewpoint and in-depth understanding of the situation.

  • Mello

“Imagine that you were going to kill someone. What do you think would be the most difficult part? Three, two, one… time’s up! The correct answer: killing someone.”

Do you remember this quote from Mello? I think everyone. Isn’t it?

Mihael Keehl is popularly known as Mello who is the successor of L. He is grown as a competition to the Near so, many of its activities are based to surpass the Near. Moreover, his ultimate motivation is defeating the Near. So, he works hard for this and promptly takes actions that can outdo his competitors. 

  • Teru Mikami

“All the young people out into the world should have their own goals, and use their abilities to their fullest to contribute to society.”

Teru Mikami is responsible for granting Ryuk the Shinigami Eyes. He is blessed with an enormous sense of justice that he developed during his childhood. He quickly despises the crime and likewise Light has a huge desire to punish the evil. 

Teru mikami death note
Teru Mikami

He is developed in such a way that he expresses the people in two way “black and white” which he labeled them as good or evil. Moreover, he is obsessed to improve society so he contempt the lazy people. You can relate to this when Mikami declared that those who can’t contribute to society will be assassinated by Kira. Do you consider this point of view correct? Share your views regarding this with us. 

Well, we are completed with the list and this list includes all the main members of the Death Note. If we have forgotten anything then share with us in the comment section. 

Do you remember what happened at the ending of the Death Note?

If not.. Then you can read this:

In the last episode, New World, Light discloses that his name is in the book so he will die soon which is written by Mikami. Since this news, everyone was in extreme fear and waiting for his death and realized if he gets killed then all will be alive.  

Here, the twist comes, and Near said that he has changed the note with a similar copy, which is faked by Giovanni. Thus, Matsuda shoots him angrily. 

Now, the Light is heavily bruised and desperate so he asks help from the Takada (who is no more) and from Misa ( who has forgotten everything about Death Note). Ryuk declared that Light time is up so he has written his anime in the book. Now, you tell us what next in the story in the comment section. Expecting you to recall the story. Right…

If you have a Netflix account, you can easily watch this series here.

Final Thoughts:

Hoping you get a deep insight into the Death Note primary characters. To make the article more relatable, we have mentioned their renowned quotes as well so that you can easily recall your favorite character. 

If the information is useful for you then contribute it with your anime friends. It will definitely help them to get a high-end view of the character, also share your favorite character with us in the comment section. In case you need any help then let us know. 

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