Comparium App Detailed Review with Pros. & Cons.

Creating a good responsive site has never been easier.

It takes quite an effort from a team of web developers & designers as it goes to several testing stages.

So, to make the work of all the web developer & designer easier, let me introduce you to the Comparium app. 

A one-stop website testing tool that allows you to test the compatibility of your site for several operating systems & web browsers.

As a web developer, if you found this tool to be interesting, don’t forget to check my complete review in the form of pros. & cons from below: 

Compatibility Testing
Compatibility Testing

Comparium App 


After testing several websites on the Comparium app, I’m listing some pros. & cons. of the service I’ve found:


Monitoring – In terms of web-page monitoring, it’s quite lightweight & compact. The best thing is, you can perform the analysis of your website on both the Desktop & Mobile Phones. 

Operating System – This app supports parallel & simulated testing on multiple operating systems including Windows 7, Linux & macOS.

Web Browser – Similar to the operating system, the Comparium app supports parallel web page testing on multiple browsers like internet explorer for mac, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari & Mozilla Firefox.

Test Result – With the Comparium app, you get the final result in the form of screenshots. You get individual screenshots for all the individual web pages. So, by analyzing these results, you can easily check the incompatible versions of the browser & OS. Using these details, you can make changes to your website. 

Error Generation – This app will improve the accuracy of your site by clearly highlighting the errors. These errors can be because of some operating system or browser configurations. Fix these issues to develop an awesome site for your clients. 

Automated Results – Get automated test results by email. Yea! It’s true. With the Comparium app, it’s possible for you to get the final test results via email. So, now, you don’t have to wait for the testing process to be over. As a web developer, the automated test results will help you in saving your precious time & increase productivity. 


As you begin the website testing process, you’ll find out that this app does not support the website testing for the Windows 10 & Android OS

It’s sad, right?

Well, don’t be as the Comparium app team regularly provides an update to their platform. So, soon, it’ll be possible for you to test your website for all these missing operating systems. 

Frequently Asked Questions | Comparium App

Q – Can I use a Comparium app for testing my website?

A – Yeah, sure. The 1st version of the Comparium app is working fine. It supports most of the operating systems & web browsers. 

Q – What’s the cost of using the Comparium App services?

A – Well, the distribution of the 1st version of the Comparium app is absolutely free. However, as far as some additional features are concerned, it’s not yet confirmed that the service will be paid or free. 

Q – Can I join any affiliate or partner program?

A – Yes, you can. For this, fill out the contact form on the website with all the details. Soon, you’ll be contacted via your entered email account.

Final Verdict

To conclude, I would say that in terms of cons. Comparium app has room for improvement. As the popularity of this app grows, you’ll see improvement in the overall working of this app. Now, coming to its pros., well, you get all these features without spending a single penny. 

That’s sounds amazing. If you find this website testing app to be interesting, go to the official website, enter the URL & test any website you want. Meanwhile, in doing so, if you encountered an issue than do let us know via the comments section given below. I’ll try my best to help you out.


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