The Best New Tech 2019 Has Produced

In this day and age where technology advances every six months, future-proofing consumer tech products is a stalwart for tech companies in order to make their offerings stand the test of time. There is big pressure in the tech industry to always move forward through not just innovations but improvements on the existing tech that we already have.

The year is almost ending, with the Holidays just around the corner, and while it is high time to shop for tech gifts, you may want to wait it out a bit more in some areas of technology. Progress doesn’t always mean it’s usable, and most new technologies need time to be perfected for the end user’s consumption.

But when you’re sure and reeling to get the newest technology on hand for your home, or personal use, go ahead. After all, the beauty of technology relies on the pleasure, convenience, and entertainment it delivers. We’ve rounded up a list of the best new tech this year has produced. So ready your shopping carts, as you might want to grab one or two of them.

Smarter Smartwatches

While it was just a few years ago when smartwatches really came into fruition, the technology that this wearable has undergone is nothing short of spectacular. From week-long battery life, heartbeat monitoring, physical activity modes to evolving as something that can be used on any occasion – the jump in tech was truly leaps and bounds.

This is the era of smartwatches. There’s no denying that. Authentic watches like mechanical and automatic ones still have their seats in the industry, but product cannibalization is nigh. The latest Apple Watch now has always-on technology, plus all the other connection basics – WiFi, Bluetooth, and even NFC. If you’re looking for a new watch, it’s high time you get yourself a smartwatch.

Even the smartwatches that carry Google’s WearOS are so mind-blowingly technologically-advanced that it’s just not practical to get traditional smartwatches anymore. Mechanical and quartz watches won’t be reduced to novelties in the near future, of course, but stranger things have happened.

True Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones

The quest for truly wireless headphones has been decades-long in the making. Bluetooth wasn’t invented until 1999, but wired headphones have been present in the 1950s when the first stereo headphone was created. Today, we now have a vast array of options: Apple’s AirPods 2, Jabra’s Elite, Beats Powerbeats Pro, etc.

To be called a truly wireless headphone, a pair shouldn’t have any wire that connects it. Forget about those Bluetooth-connected pairs that have wires to be worn on the neck, when we say wireless, we mean wireless. While as early as 2015, there have been true wonders on wireless headphones, it’s only this year that noise-canceling, wireless ones, have gained the goodness that deserves public notoriety.

Astronomical Resolution TVs

Forget about 4K TVs. This is the year of doubles and so it will be for TV resolution. You never have a truly great watching experience when you haven’t seen what an 8K TV will show you. Samsung has been at the forefront of ultra high definition television sets for quite some time, and it shows no signs of stopping with their newly-released 8K TVs.

But a resolution isn’t always the be-all and end-all of TV’s picture quality. High dynamic range, color reproduction, and contrast ratio should also be considered. But to live in an era where there’s so much space in a TV, almost cinema-like quality – what a time to be alive, eh?


One of the wiser ways in making tech purchases is to make sure that you’re gonna use them for quite some time. Calculate the everyday cost of the technology you’re eyeing and decide if its a great investment. All in all, don’t hesitate to ask your dealers if they have replacement programs that will cover costs when upgrading for a new one.


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