Best Examples of IoT Making Our Life Convenient

Technology keeps improving every day. Things that looked impossible a few years ago are now a reality. All thanks to the Internet of Things. Every new device bridges the gap between the digital and physical world to improve the quality of life and individual productivity in social and career life. Still, in its early stages, experts believe that better things that will change how people are living are coming. Some technologies that show how best the IoT is making life convenient include:

Smart homes

Gone are the days when you had to carry a bulk of keys for every door of your home. It is also outdated to hide your keys under the pot of flowers. It is also increasingly becoming irrelevant to have a guard on your gate. The internet of things has helped make homes smarter. Aquabot X4 cleaner is another amazing invention.

It can clean your pool without any labor input. All you need to do is to command it using your smartphone and sit back and monitor its progress. Once the cleaning is complete, the cleaner will also send you a notification on your phone. Besides the smart robotic cleaners, other smart devices like robotic assistants have helped make homes more lively and comfortable.

Health and fitness

Whether you are looking to lose weight or monitor an existing health condition, the internet of things has made things easy. Smart wearable devices have become a must-have unit for every person who cares about his or her health. Technological companies like Samsung, Google, and Apple have heavily invested in smart wearable devices that help individuals track their life progress.

The devices come with software and sensors that collect data and information about the user and process the information to get essential insights about the user. The wearable devices like smartwatches broadly cover health, fitness, and entertainment. The smart devices can track activity, caloric intake, and heart rate, among other metrics to help you stay healthy. If something is not right, they can warn you in advance, giving you time to mitigate your condition. Besides wearable devices, other smart appliances like thermometers, scales, hairbrushes, and blood pressure monitors also exist.


A few years ago, you needed to carry a map and a few music CDs when driving in a new town. Today, you can drive to any location you have never been to thanks to the Internet of Things. Modern cars come with various smart sensors and internet connectivity feature that lets you easily navigate to any place while remaining in contact with your social world. If your car does not have the smart controls, you can also use third-party solutions to make your car smart.

Today, you only need to get into your car and give verbal commands to enjoy your driving. Besides making navigation easy and driving experience enjoyable, the smart features also help to keep your car safe. The car industry is also rapidly changing with major car manufacturers rolling out or working on an automatic car that can navigate with no human input. With a smart feature, you can remotely control your car functions like switching the engine off, opening/ closing doors, detect car’s location, and control alarm system.


Although smart devices like the aquabot robotic cleaner, wearable devices, and smart cars have been the most popular best examples of how the internet of things is helping transform lives, other possibilities of IOT growth also exists. Internet of things is increasingly getting adopted in various industries like agriculture, logistics, and retail and supply chain management. Traditionally, you needed to keep your air conditioner at home running even when you are not in the house to ensure that you will find a comfortable environment when you get back. Today, you only to start your conditioner a few minutes before you get home, which enables you to save energy bills.


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