5 Best App Marketing Techniques

Competition is very tough in the field of App creation and launch. So you could say this is a wild market to be on. Not so if you implement good strategy steps and techniques. Sure, techniques are also a lot, but you have to stick to the ones working for you, and working in the present. We gathered a lot of these app marketing techniques and decided to present you five of the most important ones.

Here they are:

1. Market research.

It’s a classical one, but this is the point to start from. This takes place even before creating your app. You must understand what is the request, the need for your potential market. What is the competition and what opportunities are there?

This will give your app the best chances, even before its birth. If you skip this step you’re heading directly towards failure. You must enter into the tiniest details, understand them and then create something really helpful and unique.

2. Start your marketing activities before launching.

Way before releasing your app on the market. If nobody hears about it earlier than its appearance, nobody will be aware that it’s here and it will lose momentum after launching. You have to start advertising and announcing this app in time so that everybody expects it. Create on your market a feeling that a great event is about to take place and a sense of urgency in purchasing it, while it’s fresh.

3. The network effect.

Create your app to be viral, to spread from one user to another. For this, you have to incorporate features that work better when used by more people. Thus the first users shall promote it to their friends, and their friends to their friends, and so on.

If the customers get bonuses and extra features for creating a network, everybody will work somehow for you to promote and spread this app. You can also do social sharing in groups or by adding more connections. Create a website for more information about your app, publish relevant useful contents.

You can provide reviews in form of articles of other apps by adding about your app in that, and perform SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SMM (Social Media Marketing), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) operations for your website for more visitors.

Your app installation and revenue is completely based on how much big network you have. SEO App Link Building also plays an important role in App marketing techniques. It will be a perfect idea to publish your app contents (app reviews) on other relevant competitors site by adding their contents on your site or in exchange for some money.

4. Advertise on social media and on local media.

Be present everywhere with your app. That means, on one hand, to bring your app everywhere on all social media platforms, to reach a wide audience. On the other hand, it is smart to also put your focus on niche media or on your own local media. Thus you can reach personally and intimately some potential clients from right next door.

Sometimes this technique will be more useful than the wide general advertising. You can also advertise through Google Adwords or other third party sites. You can publish your app sponsored posts (articles which contain links on keywords to your product or service) on other different high-quality high traffic sites for more visibility.

This technique will also improve the rank of your app or contents in the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Pages) which in turn provides you more organic traffic (free unique visitors by search engines). However, it is completely based on keyword competition and therefore, try to make as many backlinks (SEO Link Building) as you can with the same keyword and same URL linked with it.

5. Associate with influencers and personalities.

No matter what media you use to advertise your app, there’s nothing better than an association to a famous brand or name. You need influencers to speak to you. To share your product and your purpose. To reach a community and build it up around your app.

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