Avoid these common mistakes in Blackjack

Since the era of online gambling has begun, it has shown us numerous old classic games back to the online platforms that were outdated for traditional casinos. Old slot machines have been replaced by new video game machines in several casinos of the USA.

But some classic games like blackjack, roulette, Texas Hold’em, and many others are never going out of trend whether you are playing on the real table or digital table at online casinos. But while playing Blackjack, you have to make sure you don’t make some mistakes that usual poker players make.

Here, we are going to tell you some mistakes you should avoid while playing blackjack so you can use the latest casino bonuses to make more money while playing.

Never Take Insurance

Many land-based casinos provide insurance to players when the dealer may show an ace. A player might think that it will pay two to one if the dealer will hit the blackjack but taking insurance is one of the biggest mistakes that many players do very often.

According to some reports, 7.7% is the house of taking insurance so you shall be losing almost $8 for every $100 you bet.

When the Dealer Shows 9 not Hitting Soft 18

Most of the players make this usual mistake while playing blackjack. 30-40% of the players are likely to hit a 10 or an ace instead of 18 when the dealer shows a 9. So, never make this common mistake when you the dealer when has a 9.

Just by hitting the soft 18 you may have an 8.3% edge to the casino. Note: you have to apply the same rule when the dealer has a 10 or an ace and you possess soft 18.

When the Dealer Shows a 6 not Doubling your Soft 18

The casino dealer has almost 42% probability of losing when they have a six and that means if you have soft 18, you can double it up and take one more card. The rule is that you show a soft 18 and you can’t be busted at the moment.

In other cases, even if you have got 6 or a 5, you still have more than 50% of chances of winning as the dealer has more chances of losing. So don’t male this mistake as if you don’t double it up, you might be offering 10% edge to the dealer.

When the dealer has an Ace, not Hitting 16

Most of the players feel hitting a 16 can be hazardous and they are right up to some extent as it may lead to bust most of the time. But, when the casino dealer shows an ace, 16 of yours can win the hand in blackjack.

Most people make this kind of mistake by not hitting 16 when the dealer shows an ace. According to calculations, you are giving up a fifteen percent edge to the casino when you stand instead of hitting in the spot.

Splitting tens When the Dealer has 6

You are making a mistake by splitting tens when the dealer shows us six. You may think that splitting tens shall give you an edge about 18% over the dealer and you are probably right. But, if you decide to stand rather than splitting tens the edge is almost 70%.

So we recommend you not splitting tens when the dealer shows you six and avoiding this mistake can make you more money.


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