Apple Set To Change The Tablet Computer Industry With iPad

Obviously, people were just not ready for a tablet computer in 2001 when Microsoft released such a device. Nine years later and many advances in touch screens and wireless technology has made it the perfect time for Apple to release its long-awaited iPad tablet.

Despite countless tablets failing in the past, many believe this is yet another winning product for Apple. The company’s intentions were to create a third category of product between a laptop and a smartphone, and the result was a tablet computer. Seeing the failures that preceded the iPad in regards to tablet computers, Apple did what it needed to in order to make it a hit.

Everything the company has done up until now has been a hit, which is precisely why people will want the iPad as is incorporates everything into one device. The iPod, iTunes, multi-touch, thousands of applications, and even new features like the iBook can be found on this device.

The one thing that may hold people back from purchasing it is that it is not necessarily a must have right now. The tablet market is a bit of a niche and few were actually acting on it. But with Apple in on this niche now, numbers are sure to rise. Small niches can quickly grow as the iPod has shown. Apple announced it sold its 250 millionth iPod during the iPad launch.

So what can you expect to pay for this device? A 32GB iPad will cost $599 while a 64GB will cost $699. All of the models will be wi-fi enables and you will have the opportunity to pay an additional $130 for a 3G version. The wi-fi version will hit the market by the end of March while the 3G version will be on the shelves at the end of April

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