Anime for beginners : Anime List One Stop Solution For Anime Seeker 

For entertainment seekers, Animes are the topmost choice. But if you are a beginner in this, then you really need assistance. As you can’t go for highly animes, as they have so many reasons with a plethora of episodes and can’t stream which are not relishing. 

So, here is a list of animes that you can stream if you are beginning your anime journey. To dive deep into the topic, continue reading. 

Let’s get started:

Best Anime’s for Beginners

  • One-Punch Man

Nothing is better than starting your anime journey with the comedy and action genres. So, the first one that we have for you is One-Punch Man. Its character Saitama is trending these days. 

Anime for beginners
Anime for beginners

This is one of the topmost choices of beginners and is extremely popular among fans. This is an action and comedy anime adapted on manga series which is premiered in 2009 and comes over to 20 volumes. 

Its main character is Saitama who looks are not so good but can beat anyone with his single punch. No matter, how strong is the opponent but he can defeat him with his single punch. 

Simply, enjoy Japanese comedy with American superhero. Just a great blend. 

  • Naruto

Naruto is a simple yet interesting anime, which is best for beginners. It is one of the best anime worldwide with a theme of Ninja. It has 72 volumes that are published in two halves: Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden. 

Anime for beginners
Anime for beginners

The storyline is simple but effective as in this you will come across various battles with Ninja unique techniques, which is quite relishing. The main character grows up with different Ninja and acquires their skills and showing you Ninja battles techniques. 

  • Dragon Ball

On asking taking reviews of people, what should be the anime for the beginners then this is one of their choices. 

The anime is divided into several parts and titles like Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, and so on. The second part of the anime Dragon Ball Z was extremely popular among the viewers. As in the story, Goku (the main character) has grown up and fought various battles to entertain you. 

Anime for beginners
Anime for beginners

Even the comparison between the Saitama and the Goku was trending. So, you even check it yourself and will know the real scenario about it. Stream both One-punch and Dragon Ball and share your views on who is more powerful. 

  • Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood 

The next one we have for you is the Japanese anime series which is a perfect blend of adventure, dark fantasy, and steampunk. The series revolves around two brothers, Edward and Alphonse where you will see both restoring themselves from the damage perpetrated on them throughout an ill-fated ritual. 

In this struggle, intense action with mind-boggling fantasy with definitely hook you with the storyline. So, definitely put this on your streaming list.

  • My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is a superhero anime, and the most popular anime of the genre. The series follows a man known as Izuku Midoriya who turns into a superhero All Might and then he connects with Japan’s most reputed school.

Anime for beginners
Anime for beginners

Here, a new journey begins with lots of twists and turns opening new adventure, fantasy for the viewers. If superhero’s hook you then My Hero Academia is for you. 

  • Re Zero Starting Life on Another World

The series has only one season yet it was extremely popular in the past few years. This anime is also completely filled with adventure and dark fantasy. 

It is an Isekai anime, the name of the anime is also giving us a glimpse about it.  The Series revolves around Subaru, a youthful man who was moved from the modern world to the fantasy world. 

In the fantasy world, he across to something which led to his action alteration in case he loses the fight. He can do this by resetting his “checkpoint”, which allow him to change his previous actions. Thus, resulting in the fight again. He can do this until or unless he wins the battle. 

  • Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone is an educational animated series that has only one season yet and season second is not premiered yet. This is not entirely an educational anime, along with this there is an adventure, post-apocalyptic, and stone punk in the series as well.

Anime for beginners
Anime for beginners

You find the Senku Ishigami (the main character) in a new Stone Age, who has belief and extreme capabilities in the human race. He has the power to rebuild any and everything. Moreover, he believed in rediscovering the already discovered inventions. 

You will definitely admire it if you find its description stunning

  • Death Note

Due to its compelling and influential storyline, we recommend you this anime. The series revolves around a school student (Yagami Light) who discovered a book that can kill anyone but there’s is a personality that can’t be killed.

Anime for beginners
Anime for beginners

Due to his actions, Yagami gets into a conflict with a detective named L, resulting in a compelling game between both of them.  

The story is full of suspense, and adventure that will bind the beginners with the anime world. If you wish to improve your insight into anime then you should go for it. 

Well, this is the list that we have for you. Do try all of them or at least some of them and share your experience with us. Your words will encourage us to bring you more articles. 

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Concluding Words

The article is entirely for beginners who want to go ahead in the anime world. We have mentioned a list that contains all the anime that you must watch. If you are seeking to add any anime to the list then comment below. We will definitely add it.

For any further support, write to us in the comment section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Anime should we watch as a beginner?

We have mentioned above a list that contains the best anime that you must stream to enter the anime delight.

What is the shortest anime series ever?

Hoshi no Koe is the smallest anime series that is of about 30 minutes. Moreover, Houkago no Pleiades is one of the shorter still with 24 minutes over 4 episodes. 

Can we watch Naruto as a beginner?

Yes…as a beginner you can stream Naruto. You will find it interesting further it will increase your desire for anime as well. 


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