7 best features of GBWhatsApp

Alright, so there is no denying the fact that WhatsApp is the best and the most popular social Communication app out there. Due to so many users of WhatsApp, developers are constantly working to make it even better. Not just this, even some unofficial communities of developers are also working to bring more features to WhatsApp messaging service. This unofficial development is referred to as Mods of WhatsApp. You must have heard of WhatsApp Mods like YoWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus and more. But have you ever heard about GBWhatsApp? If not, then it’s the high time you do.

gbWhatsApp is one of the best mods for WhatsApp. This mod has a lot of useful features which sets it apart from the crowd of WhatsApp Mods. Sounds interesting? Wanna know what these features are? Well, that’s what this post is all about. Today, we would be covering on 7 best features of GBWhatsApp.

7 best features of GBWhatsApp

The GBWhatsApp comes with a lot of useful features. Here are some of the best features of GBWhatsApp Mod:

1. Hide Online Status

With the latest version of GBWhatsApp, you can hide the “Online” status. This means that your contacts won’t be able to see that whether you are online or not. So even if you are using your WhatsApp, no one would be able to guess that you are. This feature is quite handy at times as it can save you from stalkers and keep your privacy hidden. You should definitely try out this amazing feature of GBWhatsApp if you haven’t already.

2. GB themes and Emojis

The GBWhatsApp comes with a lot of GB Themes and Emojis to choose from. This means that the users can personalize their WhatsApp the way you want to. These themes change all the elements of WhatsApp including the chat window, chats window and more. There are a lot of fan arts themes present within the app so that way you can customize the GBWhatsApp the way you want.

3. Send Multiple Pictures/ Videos

One of the most demanding features of the official WhatsApp is to let the user send multiple Pictures/ Videos at once. Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available with the official version of WhatsApp. But fortunately enough, you can get this amazing and useful feature on your WhatsApp, thanks to the GB WhatsApp. So if you are someone who often sends multiple files over WhatsApp, then you should definitely take a look at GB WhatsApp.

4. Hide Ticks

The GBWhatsApp also lets you hide the blue (read) tick or the double (received) tick. This means that if you hide the blue ticks, the sender won’t be able to see it. That way he or she won’t know whether you have read the message or not. Isn’t that great? This helps in keeping your privacy and security. This feature is exclusive to the GBWhatsApp mod only.

5. App Lock

Alright, so you might not have or not want to install an App Lock application on your Android Device. Well, that’s completely acceptable. But at the same time you don’t wanna miss out on the security of your WhatsApp Chats as well, Right? Well, that’s where the it comes into play. The GBWhatsApp comes with a built-in Lock which lets you set the lock on your WhatsApp. This way you are not compromising on the security of your WhatsApp.

6. Send any File

With the official version of WhatsApp, the users can send only the images, videos and document file types over WhatsApp. These file formats are restricted to png, jpg, jpeg, doc, ppt and more. But have you ever wondered how you can send apk or zip files over WhatsApp? Well, you can do it now. Thanks to the WhatsApp Mod. This is one of our favorite feature of this amazing mod of WhatsApp.

7. Other amazing features

The Gb WhatsApp comes with a lot of other features such as pin chats up to 1000 chats, delete messages older than 1 year. You can also copy a certain part of a WhatsApp message. You can also install this mod version of WhatsApp with the official version of WhatsApp. This means that you can install and use 2 WhatsApp on a single device.

You can also watch the video to check the features of GBWhatsapp.


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