6 Things To Know About Ats System

The first obstacle to get a job is the judgment of recruiter. As an applicant, we can’t see the whole recruitment process. Then let me tell you that approx. 98% of fortune companies and even small to mid-size companies use ATS – applicant tracking system TO filter resumes before someone else take a look manually. So how these ATS systems works and which other things you have known about the ATS system, take a look at some essential information.

  1. What is the applicant tracking systems?

It is software that works as recruiting and hiring tools for companies. It collects thousands of resumes online and then processed as per the algorithms. After sorting, the best resumes will send to the manager or HR.

  1. Why employers use ATS systems?

Giant companies hire for multiple jobs at one time and hence receive many resumes at a time. Even many applicants are not qualified then also they want to try. In such case manually going through each resume is a tough task. ATS software keeps all the resume at one place, search and highlight top candidates.

  1. Applicant tracking systems are everywhere

The survey says that 25% of small organizations, 66% mid to large organizations and 98% fortune companies use the ATS. If you are applying to the known organization or via online form or sites like Linkedin or Indeed, there are chances that your resume or CV go through an ATS.

  1. How does it work?

ATS software collect and store resumes in a database, even after a long time after posting a job. Depending on the system, hiring managers to search and classify through the resumes in different ways, depending on the system and parameter.

Viewing Applications

Some recruiters go through all application, but in such case, they look at the applicant’s past highlights, companies, job titles, and experience. As an applicant, you have to mention your skills and qualification.

Automatic Rankings

Some systems compare and sort the list of a proper candidate based on the feature and description recruiter focus on the candidate. The recruiter will get only the ranked resume as per the best match.

Keyword Searches

Many recruiters track the system by searching for skills and titles. For example, the recruiter is hiring for the quality control executive then he/she must search for QC executive. It will isolate the person with the same job. Even it search for multiple profile or skills for a complex search. Those who can match all the search have higher chances for picking.

  1. Resume formatting also matters

Before uploading a resume into ATS, make sure that you make things uniform and searchable. Add vital keywords so that you can slip through the cracks. Keep heading section simple, format appropriately with your work history and dates, do not use tables, and use word or pdf file format.

  1. Beat applicant tracking systems

There is no trick to beat the ATS, but a well-written resume with directly addressing qualification is good. Also add and increase the keyword with higher search ability, impactful information for work experience, keep the formatting simple but do not cheat or over optimize the system.


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