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Win 7 loader by Orbit30 and Hazer v1.4

Published on Sunday, August 16, 2009 by

Windows 7 Loader 1.4

Well here is an update to the famous 7Loader by Orbit30 and Hazar. This has been reported as working but suggest you try for yourself. I have been told this only works with the Ultimate Edition of Windows 7. As usual I will not be providing a download link but if you really want it you should know where to look. Instructions and Changelog for the 7Loader are below:

- Better UI
- Much Smaller (3.27mb)
- Better loader code
- Added More slic 2.1 certs for in bios option
- Music Removed
- Fixed OEM branding removal
- added all OEM Registery info to vb GUI
- Tweaked GUI
- Added install code to vb GUI
- Added new Uninstall code to vb GUI
- Added new 7Loader status to vb GUI

Full Instructions:
If you have previously installed any of loader or crack, than start from the first point otherwise start with 3rd:

1. Right click .exe, select run as administrator
2. Uninstall all cracks and remove OEM info,wait, reboot
3. Right click .exe, select run as administrator
4. On the list find your name of motherboard
5. Click on the icon (installing OEM info)
6. Click on install7Loader
7. Restart (in my case it was automatic)
8. Right click .exe, select run as administrator
9. Click on 7 Activation report

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